John Mayer’s Net Worth is Even Bigger Thanks to His Ridiculous Watch Collection

Celebrity and Grammy-award-winning rock star John Mayer has amassed quite a fortune over the course of his impressive career. This massive fortune has allowed him to live an interesting and tabloid-worthy life along the way, as well as invest in various personal interests such as watch collecting.

Mayer has built his net worth primarily through a lucrative music career

John Mayer performing on stage
John Mayer | Daniel Knighton/Getty Images

Coming in at an impressive net worth of $70 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Mayer is positioned quite comfortably. While Mayer has garnered fame for a variety of things, including as a playboy with a questionable and sometimes scandalous mouth, his music career is the primary source of his wealth.

After leaving his two-man band Lo-Fi Masters in the late ’90s, he would start to build commercial traction as a solo artist, releasing a multitude of successful albums over the past two decades. Since his first commercial success Room for Squares debuted in 2001, he has garnered 19 Grammy nominations and 7 wins, as well as many chart topping hits.

In the latter half of Mayer’s career, his great success accompanied by a few different controversies led him to step back from the limelight. He is living a sober life and seemingly avoiding the high-profile relationships of his past, while staying true to his roots and focusing on making good music. However, one thing that has not changed over the course of his life and his career is his persistent enthusiasm for his impressive and always-growing watch collection.

His watch collection is worth millions of dollars                  

Since his childhood, Mayer has had a deep affinity for watches, keeping his watches close to him as his most treasured and valuable possessions, according to The New York Times. It probably comes as no surprise then that he bought his first “real” watch, a Rolex Explorer II, with the first check that he received from the success of Room For Squares.

In 2017, it was reported by CNBC that Mayer’s watch collection had grown significantly to the point that it had consumed 25% of his net worth. This includes many pieces worth thousands of dollars, including a Patek Phillipe watch that retails for $300,000 alone.

While this may seem like a frivolous pursuit to many people, Mayer is actually quite well-known in the world of watches. One watch collector noted that “John is something of a watch-nerd icon,” and Mayer likewise feels quite at home in the community of watch collectors and enthusiasts.

He is also known amongst friends as the go-to for any big watch purchases they may be considering. A few years ago, he convinced his good friend and Bravo star Andy Cohen to buy a Rolex following his signing of a new contract. While Cohen declined to share the price of the watch, he noted that it was a “major splurge” and also clarified that he did not regret the purchase.

Mayer’s expertise in and passion for watches has paid off more than once

All of this dedication to watches has help Mayer gain “a reputation within the cultish watch community as a tastemaker, a discerning critic and a champion of horology,” according to The New York Times. In fact, some watches that he has owned for over 10 years have grown in value so much so that he says they would be “prohibitive” for him to try and purchase today.

Nonetheless, he is in it for the special design attributes and unique aspects of each watch that he collects, such as his wide array of Rolex Daytona watches, his previously mentioned Patek Phillipe, or his white ceramic Audemars Piguet watch. They have even started to give him a sense of psychological grounding while on tour, an important sense of normalcy for a busy, in-demand musician. 

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