John McCain’s ‘Completely Unnecessary’ Cameo in Wedding Crashers Surprised His Supporters

Many people are very familiar with John McCain and his political legacy. McCain’s loved ones and supporters were devastated when the U.S. senator died in August of 2018 in his battle with brain cancer. Since his passing, many individuals and groups have acknowledged and celebrated his work, values, and dedication. However, that isn’t too different from what was taking place while the famous Republican leader was still alive. There were many reasons so much of the country looked up to and admired McCain and his keen sense of humor, charisma, and unexpected love for pop culture were just a few. Once the popular senator even appeared in Wedding Crashers. Take a look back at some of McCain’s most memorable moments, and, of course, his cameo in Wedding Crashers

John McCain smiling, looking off camera
John McCain | Alex Wong/Getty Images

John McCain’s upbringing & early life

According to his official Congress bio, McCain was born on August 29, 1936, in the Panama Canal Zone. Setting the tone immediately, his birth took place at Coco Solo Naval Air Station. Growing up McCain spent his childhood traveling and moving to different Navy bases. When it came time for high school a young McCain attended Episcopal High School, which is a boarding school located in Alexandria, Virginia. 

His family roots in the Navy likely inspired his decision to attend Annapolis’ Naval Academy where he graduated in 1958. McCain went on to serve in the Vietnam War, and it was during these years that he was taken as a prisoner of war (POW). Some people may be surprised to learn that the respected Republican was held captive for over five years. Though McCain did manage to escape, the injuries and trauma his body endured as POW made advancing his career in the Navy extremely unlikely. Ultimately, this indirectly led McCain to begin a career in politics.

A look back at John McCain’s political career

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McCain’s connection to the Navy is what ended up being his first connection to the U.S. Senate. McCain began interacting with U.S. senators in 1976 through his role as the Navy’s liaison. After a few years, McCain decided to make a few changes. He divorced his first wife, Carol Shepp, decided to retire from the Navy, and got married to Cindy Hensley. McCain moved to Phoenix and immediately began building political connections. In 1982 he won a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives and just four years later McCain was ushered into the U.S. Senate.

McCain ran a prominent and hopeful presidential campaign in 2008, but, in the end, the Republican lost to Barack Obama. McCain loyally served as a Senator even after he was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2017. However, just about one year later, McCain decided to end his medical treatment and let his sickness take its course. On August 25, 2018, McCain died, and his well-known and politically active daughter, Meghan McCain released a statement reported by ABC News saying, “I was with my father at his end, as he was with me at my beginning. … All that I am is thanks to him. Now that he is gone, the task of my lifetime is to live up to his example, his expectations, and his love.”

John McCain’s love for pop culture & his cameo in ‘Wedding Crashers’ 

Throughout McCain’s career, it was clear that he was passionate about more than just politics. The politician definitely had a good sense of humor and seemed like a natural in front of the camera, and not just for political purposes. The famous Senator has been known for his guest appearances and roles on different platforms and shows. For starters, McCain made history by being the very first Senator to ever host Saturday Night Live. McCain even participated in a few of the skits. Fans of Parks and Recreation probably recall the episode Leslie Knope unknowingly encountered McCain while in a coatroom. 

However, nothing quite compares to his cameo in Wedding Crashers. The romcom premiered in 2005 and featured talented cast members such as Christopher Walken, Isla Fisher, and Rachel McAdams. Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn took on the main character, John and Jeremy, and are seen on-screen discussing and reviewing how they will successfully infiltrate the wedding at hand. As Wilson and Vaughn are plotting, McCain can be seen on-screen as an invited guest. He appeared with James Carville, a Democratic strategist, as the Senator congratulated the bride and groom, who are played by Jennifer Alden and Walken. Carville even managed to get a hug from the McAdams before the cameo scene ended. 

McCain was known for many things throughout his lifetime and career, but his Wedding Crashers‘ appearance might not be getting the credit and attention it deserves.