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There are a few iconic, funny Full House moments throughout the over 100 episodes of the series. One of those was the “I.Q Man” episode on this sitcom, where even the actor behind Uncle Jesse broke out laughing in the middle of his presentation. (Of course, those in the audience took notice and started laughing, too.)

John Stamos portrayed Uncle Jesse on the series ‘Full House’

What is Full House without Uncle Jesse? Throughout the original sitcom, the uncle of DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle is portrayed by actor John Stamos. This character had a few different jobs throughout his time on the series, though.

He worked as a mechanic, an exterminator, a musician, a night club owner, and even a radio talk show host. For some time, he worked with Joey to work in advertising. The advertising partners collaborated together for the “I.Q. Man” episode of this series, which was during season 4. 

Dave Coulier and John Stamos of 'Full House
Dave Coulier and John Stamos of ‘Full House’ | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Jesse and Joey pitched an ad for the ‘I.Q. Man’ cologne 

Joey provided the jokes, Jesse provided the music — they were a perfect team. The pair even earned a job after giving a presentation to the I.Q. cologne company. Their idea? I.Q. Man, a sexy, well-educated character who emerges from a portrait. 

The idea becomes even more obscure when Joey portrays a girl attracted to the I.Q. Man for his scent. At one point, Jesse turns so he’s inches away from Joey’s mouth. The actor behind this character, John Stamos, lets out a laugh, suppressing his smile before the final line, “if you must love me, love me for my I.Q.”


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John Stamos reprised his role for Netflix’s spinoff series, ‘Fuller House’

There would be a few other fourth-wall breaking moments during the spinoff of this series, titled Fuller House, a shout out to Michelle’s noticeable absence among them. John Stamos even commented on the impact of the show’s revival, citing its 5-year run on the streaming platform, Netflix.

“That’s a lot of seasons for a Netflix show nowadays, but not nearly enough for us,” John Stamos wrote on Instagram.

“Regardless, we are grateful. I am especially grateful to the cast and crew for keeping the legacy alive and adding so much love to it,” John Stamos continued. “Whether you are new to the ‘Full/Fuller House’ universe or you’ve been with us since the beginning, I can’t thank you enough for keeping the franchise alive, the characters alive, but most importantly, the love alive between all of us that shines out to all of you.”

Fans can watch episodes of Fuller House on Netflix, while episodes of the original sitcom, Full House on Hulu. That includes the “I.Q. Man” episode.