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There’s the duck-shaped cookie jar, DJ’s “pillow person,” and a giant Mr. Potato Head. Full House included a few iconic props that appear throughout the comedy series

One prop that’s in most episodes is the blue and white couch from the living room. Since the series ended, one cast member took the piece of furniture to use in his own home. 

John Stamos revealed he has the ‘Full House’ couch, surprising cast members

It’s been a few weeks since DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy got married during the final season of Fuller House. Now, pieces of the iconic sitcom and its Netflix spinoff series live in the homes of the cast members. 

That includes the gingham couch in the Tanners’ living room, which ended up in John Stamos’ house. Stamos shared a photo of the couch on social media, which showed the prop blocking a set of stairs. His son, Billy, was wedged between the piece of furniture and a door.

“Baby safety gate, or one of the most iconic couches in pop TV history? You make the call,” the 56-year-old actor captioned the Instagram post. Since then, a few of his Full House co-stars weighed in on the snatched furniture. 

“Did you take the alcove, too?” Bob Saget (Danny Tanner) asked.

“You got it?? Not Bob?” Candace Cameron Bure, the actor who portrayed the eldest Tanner sister asked.

There are a few iconic props that make a reappearance in ‘Fuller House’

Part of Fuller Houses’ charm is that the characters still live together in their big San Fransisco home. On this Netflix series, it’s DJ who’s in charge, with Kimmy Gibbler and Stephanie living there to help raise her three boys.

When the kids are looking through the attic, they find plenty of Aunt Stephanie and DJ’s old stuff. There’s Michelle’s plush Rigby toy. There’s even the Spray Guard 2001, which Uncle Jesse invented.

The house itself still looks the same but included new additions to the family. Jackson and Max share Stephanie and DJ’s room. Ramona lived in Michelle Tanner’s old room. The couch still resided in the living room.

Actor Dave Coulier, Jodie Sweetin, Candace Cameron Bure, Andrea Barber, and Bob Saget of 'Fuller House: Season 2'
Actor Dave Coulier, Jodie Sweetin, Candace Cameron Bure, Andrea Barber, and Bob Saget of ‘Fuller House: Season 2’ | Jun Sato/WireImage

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Presumably, fans have seen the last of the couch and characters like DJ, Stephanie, and Uncle Jesse

After the end of Full House, fans had a chance to catch up with the Tanner family, thanks to Netflix’s spinoff series. Even Uncle Jesse, Joey, and Danny Tanner popped in for a few holidays and special occasions.

However, the series since ended with DJ finally marrying her high school sweetheart, Steve, and her sister and best friend continuing to live in the house. Her door is always open. 

Most episodes of Full House featuring the iconic blue and white couch are available for streaming on Hulu. All five seasons of the Netflix original spinoff series, Fuller House, are available on the streaming platform, Netflix.