JoJo Siwa Finally Reveals Who Her Boyfriend Is; It’s Not Who You Think

For months, fans of JoJo Siwa have been speculating about who her mysterious boyfriend is, and she has finally let the cat out of the bag. Thanks to her stint on Dance Moms and brand deal with Nickelodeon, Siwa has become a household name. Siwa has made a name for herself through glittery rainbow merchandise, YouTube videos, acting opportunities, and songs. But, even though Siwa has a pretty impressive resume, and net worth to boot, most people are even more obsessed with her personal life.

JoJo Siwa reveals her boyfriend on TikTok
JoJo Siwa | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Siwa first began turning heads when she was cast on the hit Lifetime show, Dance Moms. A competitor on the spinoff show, Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, Siwa caught Abby Lee Miller’s eye because of her exceptional performance abilities. She joined Dance Moms first as a guest before working to become a permanent member of the Abby Lee Dance Company Junior Elite Competition Team. The “Kid in a Candy Store” singer was featured on the show for about a season and a half before bigger opportunities prompted her exit from Dance Moms.

How JoJo Siwa leveraged ‘Dance Moms’ to build a career for herself

Siwa was smart enough to use the platform that she gained from Dance Moms to launch her music career. Whilst on the show, she released the music video for her first single, “Boomerang.” To date, the video has surpassed 900 million views on Youtube, making Siwa the youngest person on the platform to do so. “Boomerang” also features one of Siwa’s fellow Dance Moms castmates, a tradition that was repeated in one of her recent music videos.



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Currently, Siwa has been doing musical performances from her home since her most recent tour was canceled thanks to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. While many fans are thrilled by Siwa’s professional ventures, even more of them are more obsessed with her personal life. Siwa has managed to find herself trending in the news for things as small as changing her hair color, letting her hair down, and wearing clothes that are far from the rainbow glitter attire that she normally wears. But, one of the biggest points of interest has the 17-year-old’s secret boyfriend.

The ‘Boomerang’ singer shuts down Elliot Brown dating rumor

Back in June 2020, Siwa’s fans began speculating that she was dating Elliot Brown. When Siwa revealed she was seeing someone, Brown was a natural guess as the pair had been spotted together in March of 2020. Siwa refused to say who was dating, citing that she and her boyfriend had chosen to keep their relationship private. However, she did share with Entertainment Tonight that Brown wasn’t her mysterious beau.

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“It’s not him, Siwa shared about Brown. “I can say that with a dead straight face. It’s not Elliot. Keep doing your research,” she teased. Funnily enough, even Brown was curious to know who the singer’s boyfriend was. He reportedly texted Siwa for details, but she remained tight-lipped about the subject.

Siwa reveals her boyfriend, Mark Bontempo, on TikTok


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But, it seems that Siwa and her boyfriend have decided to take their relationship public. Yesterday, August 2, 2020, Siwa and her boyfriend, Mark Bontempo, both posted TikTok videos confirming their relationship. Bontempo is an aspiring musician, so clearly the couple has some passions in common. We wish them all the best in navigating their relationship publicly.