JoJo Siwa Is Under Contract, But She’s More in Control of Her Brand Than You Think

JoJo Siwa may have signed an overall talent contract with Nickelodeon at the very young age of 13, but that doesn’t mean she’s just their puppet. On the eve of her 17th birthday, Siwa posted a rare video of herself without her signature hairstyle and clothing and people began speculating that her contract with the popular media conglomerate was ending soon. Many people began expressing joy that Siwa will finally get to be herself and act her age. But, the 17-year-old actually has more control over her brand than most people think.

JoJo Siwa under contract
JoJo Siwa | Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images

JoJo Siwa fans are always surprised by her age

With her sparkly costumes, over the top energy, and happy demeanor, it’s clear that Siwa’s target audience is younger kids. In fact, many people are surprised to discover that Siwa is actually 17 given the way she is marketed. People speculate that Siwa’s contract forces her to behave in a way that is younger than she is, but Siwa has refuted that claim several times. In fact, in an interview with Time, Siwa confessed that the Nickelodeon executives have asked her when she would be ready to “age up,” but she decided she was in no rush to do that.

How much of Siwa’s persona is based on her contract?

Others have speculated that Siwa’s over the top personality is a result of her contract with Nickelodeon. But, fans who have followed the multi-millionaire from her Dance Moms days know that likely isn’t the case. Siwa has always had a larger than life persona. She’s always been overly enthusiastic and filled to the brim with unmatched energy. In fact, when Siwa first met with Pam Kaufman (President of Viacom Nickelodeon global consumer products), Kaufman told Siwa she could tone down her “JoJo” act.

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“The third time I met with Pam, she said, ‘You know, you don’t have to come to these meetings all JoJo. You can just come normal.’ And I said, ‘Pam, we have to have a talk, because I need you to know that this is my normal. This is my life. There is no other secret. There is no other person. I literally am JoJo. I wear the bright clothes every day. I wear the sparkly hair bows. I wear the high-top shoes. I sing the fun music. I talk really loud. I talk fast, and I talk a lot. This is who I am,” Siwa recalled about the meeting.

The TikTok star has quite a bit of control over her brand

Siwa also has a big say in the products that are released under her contract. “My hand is in everything, along with a lot of other people’s hands. It’s not like I design a hoodie and we release it online, but I have what is called a style guide,” Siwa confessed. The 17-year-old also has the last word on all images, graphics, colors, and fonts of her branded merchandise. Furthermore, the Dance Moms alum also is known to change scripts, making sure the overall tone of what she says works for her target audience.

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What will Siwa do when she’s released from her contract?

While Siwa’s contract definitely plays a part in how she is viewed in the public eye, she definitely still has some control. Now that her contract is set to expire, it’ll be interesting to see how her unique brand involves. Only time will tell what’s next for the young entrepreneur.