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Dancer and reality TV star, JoJo Siwa satisfies college FOMO by taking a theater class with best friend, dancer Ezra Sosa where they learn the art of fencing – using pool noodles!

In an upcoming JoJo Goes Facebook Watch episode, JoJo and Ezra clearly understood the assignment when they rock Shakespearean-inspired fencing costumes, complete with hats and beards. They join other students and Stage Combat Consultant Casey Kaleba to learn the art of stage fighting and (of course) hilarity ensues.

JoJo and Ezra are in full costume in this upcoming ‘JoJo Goes’ Facebook Watch

In an exclusive sneak peek clip shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, JoJo and Ezra meet in a dressing room in Shakespeare garb before they join the rest of the class onstage. Ezra tells JoJo, “You look like an elf!”

JoJo Siwa wears different costumes and outfits in the 'JoJo Goes' keyart photo
JoJo Siwa | Facebook Watch

Rather than an elf, JoJo tells Ezra, “You look like Pirates of the Caribbean.” They do a quick warm-up before heading out on stage. Their theater classmates smile and laugh because JoJo and Ezra really get into the acting exercise, even before they hit the stage. “Excellent!” Casey exclaims upon seeing the duo.

Ezra ‘stabs’ instructor Casey Kaleba

Since JoJo and Ezra are really leaning into the class, Casey decides to let them take center stage and set the example for how to sword fight on stage. Casey makes sure every student has a pool noodle to use for practice. But Ezra pushes back, “I don’t wanna be her partner, she’s too competitive,” he jokes about JoJo during the Facebook Watch episode.

Of course, this prompts JoJo to start whacking Ezra with her pool noodle. “If we can think co-operative,” Casey says to get the friends to prepare for the exercise.

“So the very first thing we wanna do is a stab,” Casey explains to the class. Casey asks Ezra to be the first to demonstrate. But, “You’re actually gonna stab me,” Casey instructs him.

Adding, “Your target is going to be dead center body,” Casey says pointing directly to his stomach. Casey tries to continue to instruct the class but Ezra has already taken a “stab” at the exercise.

When will this episode of ‘JoJo Goes’ air on Facebook Watch?

Not so fast Ezra – Casey still has more instructions. “You’re gonna pull back. I see that cue has been made,” Casey says as Ezra gets into position. “I know that it’s my turn. I’m going to pull back.” Casey crouches over making his body into a “C” position.


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“And they’re going to extend right into the negative space that I have created,” Casey explains. “You pull back because you’ve got the first move. I see that, I go back … and there we go.” Ezra is a quick study, easily following Casey’s direction and creating the perfect “stab.”

The Facebook Watch episode will follow JoJo’s taste of campus life to see what all the hubbub is about and her best friend, Ezra, enrolls along with her What major will fit them best? And more importantly, where’s the performing arts center?

JoJo Goes debuts new episodes every Thursday at 9amPT/12pmET on Facebook Watch. There are (8) episodes in total. Episodes can be found on and on JoJo Siwa’s Facebook page: