Jon Jones Credits His Wife, Daughters, and Mother-in-Law With UFC Success

UFC fighters aren’t known for being stable. Jon Jones is no exception. He’s had his struggles, including substance abuse. The law has gotten involved more than once. But he’s still one of the most successful fighters out there. He’s worth a stunning $10 million

No man is an island, and that’s something Jones knows well. He has a lot of people to thank for his success, and he’s especially grateful for the help the women in his life have given him. 

Jon Jones has a lot of ladies in his life

With a wife and three daughters at home, Jones certainly has a lot of women to be grateful for. He and his partner Jessie Moses have been together since high school. Their girls, Leah, Carmen, and Olivia Haven, are Jones’ inspiration. He posts about them often on Instagram. 

Even though Moses and Jones have been together for more than a decade, it’s not clear whether or not they’re married. They got engaged in 2013 after their youngest was born. But there was no news about a wedding, and followers have never seen any pictures indicating that the two are officially married. Jones has referred to Moses as his wife multiple times, but it’s not clear if they are legally married. 

Jon Jones says his mother-in-law is a big supporter 

Even though Jones is worth a lot now, there were times when he and Moses struggled to pay the bills, according to the Daily Star. His first daughter was born just a few months after he began his MMA career. In fact, the reason he started fighting in the first place was to “pay the bills.”

When Moses became pregnant, she and her boyfriend Jones stayed in her mother’s basement. It helped the young couple get on their feet, but the lessons Jones learned from his mother-in-law were invaluable. 

He says she taught him a lot, and really helped him define his dreams. “She was the first person that really taught me how to believe more and be confident and focus on your mind and your thoughts, positivity, goal-setting, and things like that.” She also taught him meditation and visualization techniques. 

Jones may have developed some of those techniques into focus strategies of his own. He once revealed that he doesn’t sleep with his wife in the month leading up to a fight. He claims it’s more “Spartan,” and it helps him maintain focus. 

Not everything is perfect in his life

Jon Jones walks to his corner in between rounds against Dominick Reyes in their UFC Light Heavyweight Championship bout during UFC 247
Jon Jones | Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Jon Jones’ family life appears to be really good. He and Moses seem to make a great couple, and they’re clearly dedicated parents. He has a stellar career, but not everything is great for Jones.

He’s been banned before for using performance-enhancing drugs, according to The Sun. He even had his heavyweight title stripped from him at one point. He narrowly avoided jail time in a hit and run that injured a pregnant woman. That was in 2015, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem like Jones has learned his lesson. 

He tested positive for sexual enhancement drugs in 2016, although he claimed he didn’t know taking those would be a problem with the UFC. “I have been in the UFC many, many years, and I have taken sex pills several times throughout my adult life. (I) Highly recommend it, guys. (It’s) f****** great. It’s awesome.”

But even if he gets a pass for that incident, it wasn’t the last. He tested positive again in 2017, this time for a steroid. He was given a 17-month ban. Things have been OK since then, but only time will tell if Jones has left drugs behind for good.