The Real Reason the Jonas Brothers Were Hesitant to Ever Start a Band

The Jonas Brothers might have been the biggest guys in music in the late 2000s, but a lot happened before they shot to fame. The trio might have gained a massive following, but when they first formed a band, they were hesitant to tell anyone or make a career out of it. Here’s why.

The Jonas Brothers
The Jonas Brothers | Isabel Infantes/PA Wire/Getty Images

Nick, Kevin, and Joe grew up in a modest family in Wyckoff, New Jersey

The Jonas family didn’t grow up with money. They lived in a home owned by the local church; Kevin Jonas Sr., the boys’ father, was a pastor. The brothers said in their documentary that they didn’t have much growing up; the family of six lived in a small cape, and though they gave a lot of credit to New Jersey in their documentary “Chasing Happiness,” the brothers also revealed in the film that they hadn’t been back to Wyckoff in more than a decade. That’s because things didn’t end so smoothly before the family moved.  

The kids were worried their father would lose his job as a pastor once people heard their music

When Kevin, Joe, and Nick first formed the Jonas Brothers, they were thrilled to be working together as singers and songwriters. But they admitted there was a major worry in the back of their minds that came with starting a band: They thought their Christian community wouldn’t accept them. The brothers revealed that they decided not to tell the people at their church that they had started a band, since they were writing songs about girls and love rather than about God. They feared their father would lose his job if word spread about what his sons were doing. But as the brothers’ fame became more and more imminent, it became impossible to hide their music endeavor.

Kevin Jonas Sr. was forced to resign, and the family had to move once word got out

Once people in the church caught wind of the boys’ careers, they started talking negatively about the family. Kevin Jonas Sr. admitted he felt he had no choice but to resign from the church. And that meant the boys would have to move out of their Wyckoff home. Their mother, Denise Jonas, said that the police chief in the town of Little Falls, New Jersey was kind enough to rent the family a home for free, but the brothers admitted it never felt like home to them. However, they did say that that’s where they wrote a lot of the songs that ended up becoming massive hits.

Today, the Jonas Brothers are glad they went against the grain and continued with music

Despite what it did to their father’s job, the brothers don’t seem to regret their journey — and neither do their parents. While they do have certain regrets about choices they made in their careers, overall, they’ve grown tremendously from their journey and are glad that they came out of it stronger than ever (there was a time when the brothers had some bad blood toward each other). Today, they’re back with new music and a new tour, and it seems their parents couldn’t be happier.

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