The Jonas Brothers Hype-up Fans Using Throwback Posts

This is not an S.O.S! The Jonas Brothers will hold their “Remember This” tour starting Aug. 20, 2021, at the Park Theater in Las Vegas. The musicians have been through a lot since the early days of the 2000s, but their success has grown exponentially.

Only die-hard Jonas Brothers fans will recall when the brothers posted comical videos online via MySpace and YouTube. Turning a coffee table around and saying: “Oh, how the tables have turned,” was eaten up by viewers. But the siblings continued using social media for comedy and engagement with fans and have posted nostalgic videos and photos, nodding to their earlier days as a band.

The Jonas Brothers performing onstage for the 2021 Billboard Music Awards
The Jonas Brothers perform onstage for the 2021 Billboard Music Awards | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

The Jonas Brothers have always been familiar with social media

Once they rose to fame and worked with The Disney Channel, music videos and comical clips of the band were almost constantly seen. Although the popularity of MySpace slowly faded out in the mid-2000s, the Jonas Brothers’ faces ran on YouTube and have reached millions of views.

At the height of their fame, Kevin, Nick, and Joe connected with fans online using relatable content for teenagers. However, their online presence together took a backseat when the band officially took a break in 2013. Nick and Joe pursued solo projects and Kevin started a family with his wife, Danielle.

The Jonas Brothers’ comeback started their newfound fame

In 2019 though, James Corden helped the brothers surprise the world with a reminiscent performance of “Year 3000” (temporarily renamed “Year 2019”) on The Late Late Show. Fans in the crowd shrieked at the sight of Kevin, Nick, and Joe in old wigs and outfits that looked like they came straight from their teenage years.

Although the band experienced that long-term break, they came back in full force with performances and an online presence. Throwback content became one of their specialties and a signature move.

After their formal announcement, the trio reconnected with their old and new fans through social media to promote their “Happiness Begins” tour. The tour focused on their personal journeys in life and also their growth as a family. “Sucker” “Cool,” and “Rollercoaster,” were among the biggest hits of the new album.

The band then released the Amazon Prime Happiness Continues documentary. The film showcases what exactly led to the band’s break, including how it was Nick who initiated the conversation. The documentary flips back and forth between old performance footage and modern discussion scenes between the three of them. The three musicians overall talk about their marriages, their family, and their growth as brothers.

Each Jonas brother has posted throwback clips in anticipation of the “Remember This” tour

It doesn’t look like it takes much effort for the Jonas Brothers to engage with their fans. Every video they post, whether it’s a throwback teaser or a sneak peek into rehearsals, fans enjoy the content. Kevin tweeted a selfie of an old curly-haired wig, mirroring his younger image. “Ascot a question for you,” the band’s lead guitarist wrote.

Joe also posted a conveniently similar throwback on his account. He wore a straight-haired wig that was a nod to his teen image. The singer simply struts down the street in a sarcastically dramatic fashion with “S.O.S” playing in the background.

None of the band members have announced that the throwback posts are relevant to the “Remember This” tour. Still, the comedic nostalgia they’re displaying could be a hint for fans on what to expect at the 2021 concerts.