During 1 Interview, Jonathan Van Ness of ‘Queer Eye’ Shared Who He Thinks Is the ‘Prettiest’ of the Fab Five

Jonathan Van Ness is pretty vocal about his political opinions and his love for Game of Thrones. When it comes to who the prettiest member of Queer Eye’s Fab Five is, Van Ness isn’t afraid to speak his mind, either.

Here’s what we know about the beauty and grooming expert of Netflix’s original series.

Jonathan Van Ness is one of the experts on Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’

He’s much more than just a beard oil and cat enthusiast. In Netflix’s award-winning reality series, Van Ness is the resident grooming expert, offering words of encouragement to local heroes across the globe. (He’s also pretty fashion-forward himself.)

“I love to do [transformations] sometimes,” Van Ness said during an interview with the New Yorker. “But I feel like my passion, and my role, is more about accepting who we are and embracing who we are. I’m a lot of times more of, like, the anti-transformation beauty expert. I really want people to celebrate themselves, and that’s always what I’m trying to do.”

Jonathan Van Ness speaks onstage at IMDb LIVE
Jonathan Van Ness speaks onstage at IMDb LIVE | Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb

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Jonathan Van Ness appears alongside other experts on Netflix’s original series

Van Ness is not alone in doing hair “make better” transformations. Antoni Porowski, a restaurateur and cookbook author, is the show’s food and wine expert.

Karamo Brown is the culture expert, while Bobby Berk is behind the interior design. During one video with Vanity Fair, the members of the Fab Five took a lie detector test.

In it, each of the hosts took turns asking and answering questions. When it was the grooming expert’s turn to take the test, he shared that he was a little nervous.

“Have you ever considered yourself a vile queen,” the fashion expert of the series, Tan France, asked, to which Van Ness said no. France continued, “And do you think you’re the prettiest of the bunch?”

“Yes,” Van Ness responded with a smile. (To be fair, he is one of the only Fab Five members who wears high heels.) Van Ness answered questions about his time on the series, as well as his favorite celebrities.

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Jonathan Van Ness and the other ‘Queer Eye’ cast members often share their love for one another

Both in this series and outside of it, these cast members are often sharing positivity and love for one another. They recently teamed up to endorse Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. They also visited Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in Washington D.C. 

Although production has presumably paused on new episodes of this Netflix series, there are still plenty of seasons available for binge-watching.

Since its premiere, Queer Eye and its experts branched off to appear in spinoff shows like Queer Eye: We’re in Japan, picking up a few Emmy Awards along the way. 

Fans can watch episodes of the Emmy Award-winning reality series, Queer Eye, on Netflix.