Jordyn Woods’ Mom Denies Butt Lift Claims ‘We Have A*s Naturally,’ but Fans Are Unconvinced

Despite falling out with the KarJenners, Jordyn Woods is still living a life in the spotlight. In fact, since she and Kylie Jenner stopped being best friends, her popularity has only increased. Woods has launched several brands of her own, partnered with some successful companies, been featured as a cover girl for multiple magazines, and launched her acting career. However, with increased fame also comes increased criticism. Recently, Woods has been criticized for getting a butt lift. Now her mom, Elizabeth Woods, has stepped in to put a stop to said rumors.

Jordyn Woods mom denies butt lift claims
Jordyn Woods | Leon Bennett/Getty Images for BET

Woods has been posting tons of pictures lately that show off her curvy figure. The 22-year-old has been a champion for health and wellness of late and has been hitting the gym consistently. The model is unafraid of showing off the results of her hard work and posts pictures accordingly. However, some people are commenting on said pictures and claiming that Woods’ butt is fake. Fans and critics alike have made accusations that Woods has received a butt enhancement in comments on her social media profiles.

Jordyn Woods’ mom denies butt lift claims

Seeing the comments, Woods’ mom stepped in to set the record straight. She claimed that her daughter did not have a butt lift and that genetics were to thank for her figure. “Jordyn is my daughter which means she has my genetics. We have a*s naturally! No one has gotten any butt lifts..this is one of the craziest things that I keep reading..let’s focus on important things everyone and make a positive change,” Woods’ mom wrote on Instagram.

Plenty of people rallied behind Woods’ mom. Some claimed that diet and exercise, (weight lifting in particular) not surgery was to thank for Woods’ figure. Others declared that Woods’ body had changed over the years simply because she had gotten older. They encouraged people not to compare Woods’ teenage figure with her adult figure and sent words of encouragement to both Woods and her mom. However, not everyone was willing to believe that Woods’ mom was telling the truth.

Fans on Instagram think the model is telling a lie

“No ma’am ….. I seen yo daughter in person before back in summer she looked like Shaq built.. she got her butt done,” one person rudely commented. “FACTS! I remember what she looked like when Kylie had the face she was born with. Jordyn did NOT look like that!” another person firmly declared, bringing Jenner into the conversation as well. Speaking of Jenner, some of her long-time fans were convinced that Woods and her mom were lying. They claimed that Woods and Jenner both got Brazillian Butt Lifts back in 2018 and Jenner paid for them.

Did Woods and Kylie Jenner get surgery together

Since Woods was relatively unknown in mainstream culture back in 2018, fans of Jenner claimed the story is challenging to find. However, they are completely convinced that she and Jenner both received the surgery. “Ok, mama u lying but go awf she admitted to a bbl when her dad died w Kylie,…” one person commented. “She admitted a BBL in 2018 when she was just ‘kylies friend’ it’s almost impossible to find anything referencing it tho cause she was unknown mostly. Yes she works out for the camera and you have to maintain a BBL but duh she has it,” another person chimed in. Who knows who’s telling the truth here. But, Woods’ mom is right about one thing, there are far more important things to focus on.