Jordyn Woods’ Dream Collaboration Is a ‘Baddie Anthem’ with Beyoncé and Rihanna

The world was only recently introduced to Jordyn Woods’ singing voice, but the 22-year-old already has some big dreams. After being revealed on the hit show The Masked Singer, Woods’ fans are hungry for more. While on the show, Woods’ identity was hidden under the mask of a kangaroo. But, through hints and the model’s unique vocal timbre, fans were able to guess it was her long before her identity was officially revealed.

Jordyn Woods after singing live
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Though Woods loved her time on The Masked Singer, the reality TV star had no intention of ever singing in front of an audience. Music has been a part of her life from a very young age and she’s been taking voice lessons for years, but she only ever dreamed of performing for a huge crowd. “I never thought that I would ever sing in front of anyone. It’s a childhood fantasy to perform on a big stage,” Woods shared in recent interview with Rolling Out.

How Jordyn Woods ended up singing on ‘The Masked Singer’

So just how did Woods end up singing on the popular show? According to Woods’ interview, she has her voice coach to thank for that. She expressed curiosity when he was gauging her interest. But, Woods didn’t expect anything more to come from the conversation.

“My vocal coach told me about the show, and he asked if I would ever be interested in doing it. I didn’t think that they were really going to contact me to be on the show. When they did, I was nervous. I was scared. But this was something that I could not say no to. I knew that I would live my whole life in regret if I did not take the opportunity,” Woods admitted about making her singing debut.

The model has plans to release her own music

But, it seems like the show was well worth the risk for Woods. After hearing her voice, fans (old and new) immediately began praising her for her singing voice. Countless people shared that she had a soulful cadence that lent itself to R&B music. Furthermore, many people expressed hope that she would continue singing and even release her own music. After seeing thousands of people rally behind her, Woods does have plans to release her own music. But, she’s being very strategic about the way she goes about it.

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“I’ve always loved music. I figured why not take this opportunity to do something that’s a passion project. This is something for me that is just for fun. I’m not going to go sign to a label because I want to have full creative control. This is something that is a whole new thing that people didn’t even know existed. It’s something that I didn’t even know existed. So, I’m just kind of going with it, living out my childhood fantasy,” Woods shared about having complete creative control over a possible singing career.

Woods wants to collaborate with Beyoncé and Rihanna

Amidst the excitement, Woods has even had time to think about collaborations. As she has friends in the music industry (e.g. Megan Thee Stallion, Normani, and Ryan Destiny) fans are hoping that she’ll eventually collaborate on some music with them. However, Woods’ ultimate dream collaboration would be singing a “baddie anthem” with Beyoncé and Rihanna. It’ll be interesting to see how Woods’ handles this new venture. Only time will tell if she’ll be able to make her dream collaboration a reality.