Joseph Gordon-Levitt Had 4 Famous Friends Pose For Prop Movie Posters in ‘Don Jon’

There are tons of movies about love and romance, but there aren’t many movies like Don Jon. The 2013 film that was written and directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt depicted the struggles a young New Jersey man faced when it came to matters of the heart and, of course, the body as well. 

Gordon-Levitt has spoken extensively about the creation of Don Jon, and the star even enlisted the help of his fellow celebrities to help bring his vision to life. 

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt had four famous friends pose for prop movie posters in ‘Don Jon’

Not too long ago Gordon-Levitt sat down with Vanity Fair to rehash some of the star’s most memorable roles and films, and in the lineup was the popular film Don Jon. As Joseph Gordon-Levitt so bluntly stated, “Don Jon is a movie about movies.”

With that being said, Hollywood movies and romcoms definitely played a part in the movie, and Gordon-Levitt used his “dear friends” to help him with this aspect. John Krasinski and his wife, Emily Blunt, were one of the famous couples to appear on a faux movie poster in Don Jon. Anne Hathaway and Channing Tatum were two other well-known actors that offered to help Gordon-Levitt with the task. 

Gordon-Levitt revealed though he probably spent far too much time designing the posters, it was something that was very enjoyable for him. 

A closer look at ‘Don Jon’ and the success behind the film 

In Don Jon, Gordon-Levitt played the part of Jon, the main character of the film. At the start of the movie, Jon is depicted as a stereotypical Jersey boy. 

His character loves his family, pad, faith, and porn, which is where a lot of the character’s problems stemmed from. Much of the film revolved around Jon’s relationship with Barbara. Scarlett Johansson was cast to play the part of Barbara.

The plot was centered around Jon’s efforts to first get and then keep Barbara, but, as the audience saw, Jon started to look at things differently when he befriended Esther from his night class. Esther, played by Julianne Moore, received a lot of positive praise for her performance in the film. 

The beautiful film gives an authentic interpretation of the dynamics of relationships and the way in which movies and society can so easily influence them. Overall, after the premiere of the film, Don Jon received a total of 27 award nominations. 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s remarkable career

Everything about Don Jon is right up Gordon-Levitt’s alley, which, in reflection, makes sense that he both wrote and directed the film. Stepping away from cookie-cutter stories, over the years, Gordon-Levitt has created and contributed to content that closely resembles everyday reality and everything that can come with it.

For instance, one of Gordon-Levitt’s most popular and well-known movies is 500 Days of Summer. The actor seems drawn to unusual and unique movies like the 2010 film Inception.

Though Gordon-Levitt has made quite a name for himself on the big screen, he is known for his work in the television industry as well. Throughout his career, Gordon-Levitt has appeared in series like 3rd Rock from the Sun and The Mindy Project. More recently, the fans and followers of the star have been able to enjoy watching Gordon-Levitt in Apple TV +’s The Cornman and Showtime’s Super Pumped

Gordon-Levitt is known for his creativity and for supporting other artists. On that note, many of his fans and followers are looking forward to seeing what the brilliant and beautiful Gordon-Levitt does next. 

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