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Josh Brolin is best known for his portrayal of the character Thanos in The Avengers franchise. Here’s Josh Brolin’s net worth and how he makes his money.

How Josh Brolin became famous

Josh Brolin| Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic
Josh Brolin| Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Josh Brolin made his acting debut in the 1985 film The Goonies, in which he played the role of Brand. The following year, he played the character Corey Webster in the film Thrashin’. In 1986, Brolin appeared on the hit show Highway to Heaven in an episode titled “A Special Love: Part 2.” The following year, he appeared in a 1987 episode of 21 Jump Street titled “My Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades.” From 1987 to 1988 Brolin secured a recurring role on the series Private Eye, in which he played the character Johnny Betts. His next recurring roles were in The Young Riders (1989 to 1992) and Winnetka Road (1994). Brolin got his big break in the 1996 film Flirting with Disaster, in which he played the character Agent Tony Kent.

Josh Brolin’s movies

Josh Brolin and The Avengers cast| Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Disney
Josh Brolin and The Avengers cast| Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Disney

So far, Brolin’s highest-grossing film is Avengers: Infinity War, with a lifetime gross of $678,815,482. Other high-grossing films include Avengers: Age of Ultron, with a lifetime gross of $459,005,868; Guardians of the Galaxy, with a lifetime gross of $333,176,600; and Deadpool 2, with a lifetime gross of $324,591,735, according to Box Office Mojo.

Brolin is also known for his appearances in the films No Country for Old Men, (2007), W. (2008), Milk (2008), and True Grit (2010). He received his first Oscar nomination for his performance in the 2008 film Milk.

Josh Brolin turned down roles in big-budget superhero films before The Avengers

Josh Brolin|Matthias Nareyek/WireImage
Josh Brolin|Matthias Nareyek/WireImage

During a Press Association interview, Brolin spoke about his reluctance to join the cast of a big-budget superhero film. In response to a question about whether the industry tends to look down on actors who play superheroes, Brolin said, “I’m so late to the game, and I like that I’m late in the game, so the paradigm shift has happened. I know I reacted to that early on. Other movies came along, and they said: ‘Do you wanna do this thing? Do you want to do Terminator Salvation?’ and I was, like: ‘No, I really don’t’.”

Brolin explained why he wasn’t interested in being in a superhero movie.“It’s just not what I was into at that moment. I was really enjoying the types of movies that I was doing. And then [The Avengers] came along, and Deadpool 2 came along, and there was just something really intriguing. I’m just late in the game, man,” he said in his Press Association interview.

How Josh Brolin makes money

Outside of acting, Brolin also earns money as a producer, director, and writer. Some of his production credits include X (2008), No Country for Old Men: Josh Brolin’s Unauthorized Behind the Scenes (2008), The People Speak (2009), and Unchained: The Untold Story of Freestyle Motocross (2016).

Josh Brolin’s net worth

Josh Brolin has an estimated net worth of $35 million.

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