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In April 2021, federal marshals arrested Josh Duggar on two child pornography charges. The arrest shocked even the most ardent Duggar family critics. A jury convicted Josh on both charges. He is currently awaiting sentencing. While the case is almost over, family followers still want to know what the Duggar family really thinks about what happened. An alleged insider took to Reddit to share just that. The insider claims the Duggar family believes Josh was “framed.” 

A Duggar insider says some Duggar family members think Josh was ‘framed’ 

A former member of the Duggar family’s insular church took to Reddit on April 15 to discuss their experience inside the IBLP and, specifically, with the Duggar family. One user asked the insider whether the family believed Josh was guilty during the AMA event. The former church member claims many members of the Duggar family, including Josh’s wife, Anna Duggar, believe he was ‘framed.’ The family insider did not go into detail. A Reddit moderator has verified their identity. 

Josh Duggar speaks during the 42nd annual Conservative Political Action Conference
Josh Duggar | Kris Connor/Getty Images

Reports that Anna believed Josh had been framed ran in several media publications shortly after his conviction. Since the conviction, Anna has spent hours on the phone with her husband. Josh made dozens upon dozens of calls during the first month of his imprisonment. Many of those calls were to Anna. While some Duggar family followers assumed a divorce would happen following the conviction, Anna appears to be standing by her husband. 

His defense attempted to argue someone else used the computer 

The family insider’s suggestion that the Duggar family believes Josh Duggar was framed aligns with his defense. The allegations also match Anna’s statements during her brief return to social media in February 2022. 

During the 2021 trial, Josh’s lawyers attempted to argue that someone else had placed the images on Josh’s computer. More specifically, they claimed someone could have accessed the desktop remotely and planted the pictures on the device. 

The defense’s expert witness insisted remote access was possible. The prosecution’s expert was unconvinced. The jury did not find the defense’s theory compelling, either. A jury found Josh guilty on both charges

Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar smiling while at a conference. Anna is pregnant and holding her belly.
Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar | Kris Connor/Getty Images

In February 2021, nearly two months after the guilty verdict, Anna Duggar returned to social media, albeit briefly. Anna shared a link and suggested there was “more to the story” in her first post since the trial ended.  The link took followers to a motion filed by Josh’s defense team. She has not posted since.

Josh Duggar’s sentencing is set for May 25

While Josh was found guilty of both charges in December of 2021, he has not yet received his sentence. Initially, Judge Timothy L. Brooks was ready to sentence Josh in early April. The defense team, however, requested a postponement. The court granted the request. 


Duggar Family Insider Says Josh Duggar Was Sent Away Multiple Times as a Teen

Judge Brooks has now set sentencing for May 25. Following sentencing, federal agents will transfer Josh Duggar from the local detention center to a federal correctional facility. Agents could transfer the former reality TV star to any federal facility in the United States. Josh is facing up to 20 years in prison.