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Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles is one of Bravo’s most popular shows. And one cast member, Josh Flagg, has made quite a name for himself through the years. He’s bragged about making hundreds of millions of dollars in sales in a given year, which makes us wonder: How much is he worth?

Josh Flagg
Josh Flagg | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Flagg is the only original cast member still on the show

Flagg actually never went to college. He began selling real estate when he was only 18 years old. And by the time Bravo wanted to start filming in 2006, Flagg was only about 21. However, he had three years of experience under his belt and had a knack for selling million-dollar homes in the Beverly Hills area, so the Bravo wanted him to be a part of the show. Now, more than a decade later, Flagg is the only original member still remaining.

His family is extremely wealthy

Flagg had it easy as far as breaking into the Beverly Hills real estate industry. He grew up in the area, so he was instantly knowledgeable of which neighborhoods were better than others and what the housing market was like. Plus, his family was always extremely wealthy. His grandmother was a well-known fashion designer (Edith Flagg), and his grandfather was an executive in the electronics industry (Herman Platt). Flagg’s family has had money for years, which helped set the stage for his career, but that’s not to say he didn’t do plenty of work on his own.

He has made more than $200 million in sales in a given year

Flagg has said on the show that he’s made hundreds of millions of dollars in sales throughout the year. During one of the show’s seasons, he sold about $225 million in properties for the year. While we’re not sure what commission Flagg makes, if it’s around 6%, that would put him at about $3.4 million annual income (assuming the commission was split among two brokers and two salespersons). Experts have reported he’s sold more than $1 billion in real estate throughout his career. Relatively speaking, that would be like earning $15 million in commission over a few years. And Flagg has also written books, made special appearances, and starred on the Bravo show, so it’s safe to say he’s worth much more than that.

Today, he’s worth about $25 million

All of Flagg’s combined sources of income give him an estimated net worth of somewhere around $25 million. He’s been in the real estate industry for about 15 years, but other business ventures have helped him see success as well. He’s published two books, which have both been successful, as well as an app. The app helps those searching for celebrities’ homes in the Los Angeles area; it maps out some of the well-known homes for tourists to scope out. Flagg’s real estate business, starring on Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles, and his personal ventures outside of the industry have all helped him accumulate a very generous net worth.

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