Joy-Anna Duggar and Jessa Duggar Forced to Defend Austin Forsyth From ‘Counting On’ Fans

Joy-Anna Duggar and Jessa Duggar are not backing down. A Counting On fan recently stirred up some drama by posting a negative comment about Austin Forsyth on social media. Not one to let the dig go unanswered, Joy-Anna and Jessa quickly came to his defense. So why did the Duggar sisters have to defend Austin in the first place?

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth from 'Counting On'
Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth from ‘Counting On’ | Austin and Joy Forsyth via Instagram

Joy-Anna takes to Austin’s defense

Earlier this month, Joy-Anna posted a photo of Austin and their son, Gideon, getting cuddly before bedtime. The reality star had nothing but good things to say about her husband in the caption and assured her followers that Austin is an amazing dad (which is about as cute as it gets).

The majority of Counting On fans loved the adorable pic, but there were a few naysayers in the bunch.

One fan pointed out that Austin looked like he is a little too serious in the photo and even called him “strange” at one point. But instead of bashing the fan for insulting her family, Joy-Anna fought back with some good old fashioned kindness.

“He can be a little more serious,” Joy-Anna replied, “but he actually has a pretty outgoing personality once you get to know him!”

After Joy-Anna shared her thoughts, Jessa chimed in with her own two cents on the matter. Jessa completely agreed with her sister and added that her brother-in-law is “totally normal” once he gets comfortable.

Why didn’t Austin speak up?

Although Joy-Anna and Jessa came to his defense, Austin remained quiet on social media. Even Jill Duggar got in the mix eventually and assured fans that Austin is not nearly as serious as he seems.

We do not know what Austin thought of the exchange, however, since he has yet to say anything about the issue.

This is not all that surprising given how Austin is usually the quieter one in the relationship. And given all of the drama the Duggars have faced in recent weeks, playing it safe is probably a good idea.

But there might be a good reason why Austin is seemingly keeping a low profile these days, and it has nothing to do with being trolled by fans on social media.

Inside Austin’s legal woes

According to In Touch Weekly, Austin is currently in the middle of a lawsuit that could end up costing him thousands of dollars.

A couple who purchased a house from Austin Forsyth and Joy-Anna Duggar are suing the Counting On star for damages related to the improper installation of a septic tank. The couple noticed issues a few months after purchasing the home and called an inspector to figure out the problem.

They discovered that the house was not equipped with the right kind of septic system. They also claim that Austin failed to get the right kind of permit to install the system, and want him to either pay $20,000 to make things right or take back the house.

There is no telling if the couple will win their case against Austin, but it is going to cost him money in legal fees at the very least.

Austin fires back

In response to the lawsuit, Austin claims that he did all the work with the required permits. He did admit, however, that he was not supposed to get a special permit to install the septic tank in question.

Joy-Anna’s husband also revealed that he never made any promises that the work done on the house was up to code. This was in response to the couple’s accusation that Austin assured them that everything was in the right order.

Austin has not commented on the lawsuit, so it will be interesting to see how everything pans out. The legal woes, meanwhile, come at a bad time for the Duggars. A few weeks ago, agents with the Department of Homeland Security allegedly raided a business owned by Josh Duggar.

The Duggars have denied that the raids ever happened and say that the reports are simply false.

Fans can watch Austin and Joy-Anna in action when new episodes of Counting On air Tuesday nights on TLC.