Joy Bauer of ‘Today Show’ Shares an Absolutely Genius Hack for Eggs Benedict (Exclusive)

Today Show resident nutritionist Joy Bauer says eggs have some serious health benefits, and can also be delicious and decadent.

For instance, Bauer recently shared her amazing hack for Eggs Benedict that slashes the fat and calories, while maintaining all that luxurious flavor. She also revealed the innate health benefits of eggs in general and explained that the nutrients are found not only in beloved egg whites but also in the yolk.

Eggs Benedict hollandaise hack keeps flavor without the calories

Bauer dished about all things eggs with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, sharing her special Eggs Benedict recipe. “I love poached and sunny side up eggs,” she described. “I put them on a toasted whole-grain English muffin and top with a fake hollandaise sauce. I make the bright yellow copycat sauce by blending yellow pepper and light cream cheese. Then, I simply drizzle it right over my poached eggs for some yummy goodness.”

Joy Bauer from 'Today Show' cooks in her kitchen
Joy Bauer |Photo credit Lucy Schaeffer

Does poaching eggs seem intimidating? “Yes, I think some people do get intimidated. If you fall into this category, just do a quick scramble or make them sunny side up,” she added. Bauer’s Eggs Benedict recipe cuts more than 600 calories from the original version.

Joy Bauer says eggs are packed with vitamins and nutrients

Bauer says she’s a huge fan of eggs for many reasons. For one, buying eggs helps support local farmers. She recently partnered with The Incredible Egg and hopes 2022 is the year of the egg.

They’re also super nutritious. “I think in the past, it was all about egg whites because they were a great source of protein; everybody was afraid of the yolk. Fortunately, things have changed and we now know that there’s so much goodness in the yolk. In fact, just about half of the protein in eggs is concentrated in the yolk. The yolk is also where you’ll find vitamin D, which is associated with strengthened immunity and increased bone health. There’s even some choline to help with brain development.”

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“The yolk has other vitamins and minerals as well as essential nutrients, including two powerful antioxidants, lutein and zeaxanthin, which are not all that easy to come by. This power pair helps to promote healthy vision. In addition to all these nutrition perks, eggs are environmentally friendly and easy on your wallet. And, they’re so versatile.”

Celebrate eggs and win big

Together with The Incredible Egg, Bauer helped to launch the first-ever Complete Training Table Contest. “It’s so easy to enter and it’s such a great cause, helping to support America’s egg farmers,” she said.

“All you have to do to enter is share how you incorporate eggs into a healthy lifestyle,” Bauer explained. “it could be a simple picture of your morning scrambled eggs. Or you could send a video from your kitchen as you cook up some eggs while you’re dancing. Anything goes. Have fun and get cracking!” 

From now through Feb. 20, enter to win prizes that include 2,022 eggs, a 10-piece fitness equipment set, and a NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle.  Share photos, videos, and stories on or by tagging @incredibleegg on Instagram using #EggsOnTheTrainingTable and #Contest for non-health professionals or for health professionals, using #Contest and #EggNutritionContest, for the chance to win.

Feeling a little shy about sharing your photos? “People who are a bit shy or reluctant to share their cooking skills can still participate by voting for their favorite egg entry. The vote will automatically enter you into a separate contest, where 40 winners will each receive $100 worth of eggs,” Bauer shared. 

Visit for additional contest information.

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