Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth Took Heat From Fans For Their Most Recent Instagram Post

The Duggar family might have millions of fans, but people definitely speak out when they feel that someone in the family is doing something inappropriate. And recently, Joy and Austin Forsyth posted a photo of themselves to Instagram that had a few people questioning their loyalty to their family. And it’s not the first time fans have given them heat.

Austin and Joy Forsyth
Austin and Joy Forsyth | Austin and Joy Forsyth via Instagram

Joy and Austin got in trouble with fans when they missed their son’s first birthday

When it comes to social media, no celebrity is safe. A little while back, Joy and Austin posted a photo of a weekend together on their Instagram account, and people immediately realized it was their son’s first birthday, and Gideon was nowhere to be found. Fans slammed the couple for taking a weekend trip together and leaving their son behind on his birthday. However, Joy’s family came to her defense, saying that Gideon had no idea it was his birthday and the family celebrated when Joy and Austin returned. Many of the Duggars have learned the hard way that social media isn’t always a fun place.

People recently questioned why the couple appeared to miss their grandmother’s funeral

Joy and Austin recently posted a selfie together, and it didn’t take one fan long to analyze the background of the photo — it looked like the two were on a plane. “Are you on an airplane? What about your grandmother’s funeral?” a user wrote. The comment received several likes, and it seemed like Austin and Joy were once again under a microscope. People wanted to know how they could possibly miss their grandmother’s funeral. Except, there was no confirmation that the two did any such thing.

Other fans came to the couple’s defense about the photo

Despite some fans agreeing that the couple should be in hot water for missing the funeral, other fans came to their defense to say that nobody could confirm the couple was even on a plane let alone had missed the funeral. “Maybe she is flying home?” one user suggested. Another fan said they heard the funeral was on Monday, meaning the couple had ample time to get home from wherever they had been. “Assumptions start rumors,” another user wrote. Joy and Austin didn’t comment on whether they would be attending the funeral, but it seems hard to believe they’d miss it unless there was an important reason.

Joy and Austin are expecting their second child in the fall

Although Joy and Austin have received some backlash on past posts, they are full of excitement in getting ready to welcome their second child. On May 1, the two announced their second child will arrive in November 2019. However, some fans had suspected for a while that Joy was already pregnant. The Duggar family currently has several Duggar women expecting. Anna, Kendra, and Lauren will all welcome babies this fall, and Jessa just gave birth to her third child with husband Ben Seewald. There is no word yet on the gender of Austin and Joy’s baby, but they seem incredibly excited to add another member to the family.

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