Jungkook Has Long Hair and Tattoos and BTS Fans Are Freaking Out

BTS Jungkook hair tattoos
Jungkook | (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for dcp)

BTS’s month-long break is officially over. The group was spotted at the Incheon International Airport on Sept. 16 as the members left to film an undisclosed project. At the airport, Jungkook sported long hair and tattoos on his hand. While rumors about his new tattoos circulated during BTS’s hiatus, BTS fans could not believe the sight of Jungkook in the airport.

Fans freaked out when they saw the video of Jungkook walking through the airport

Jungkook had been growing out his hair for months and had gotten more piercings, and there were unconfirmed rumors the singer also had tattoos. Newsen reported on and filmed BTS’s airport arrival on Sept. 16. When the video of BTS in the airport surfaced online, ARMY freaked out over Jungkook’s long hair, earrings, and tattoos.

“how are we supposed to remain calm when jungkook has hand tattoos and long hair that can be tied into a man bun tell me HOW,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

“jungkook’s long hair and tattoos. this is IT, he reached his peaK,” a fan tweeted.

“jungkook is with long black hair, earrings and tattoo he is FINALLY doing what he wants and stopping living for what ‘fans’ wish everyone say thank you,” wrote another.

BTS fans do not know if Jungkook’s tattoos are permanent or temporary

Rumors of Jungkook’s tattoos first appeared on social media during BTS’s hiatus. Even though Big Hit Entertainment asked for fans to respect the members’ privacy during the hiatus, photos circulated of Jungkook at a tattoo parlor. Fans also noticed the tattoos on his knuckles in Jimin’s birthday post for Jungkook.

As BTS’s hiatus continued, Jungkook spoke to members of ARMY in Busan, South Korea. According to the fans, the tattoos are temporary tattoo stickers. Then a photo of Jungkook’s hand with the tattoos that was allegedly taken by Jungkook’s brother circulated around social media. When the tattoos were still seen on Jungkook’s hand on Sept. 16, some fans wondered if the tattoos are permanent.

“Are Jungkook’s tattoos permanent or temporary!????????,” one fan asked on Twitter.

One fan tweeted, “I still don’t know what the crown is for or if it’s a permanent tattoo but you know what I do know?? No one! Loves! ARMY! More! Than! Mr! Jeon! Jungkook!!!!”

Jungkook’s tattoos are about ARMY and BTS

In the video released by Newsen, fans spotted an emoji tattoo, a crown, a purple heart, and then a combination of “ARMY” with the members’ initials.

“pls jungkook getting army tattooed in his knuckles (even if it’s most likely a temporary tattoo) is the most jungkook thing ever, i’m so endeared,” wrote a fan on Twitter.

“someone said jungkook’s hand tattoo is a combination of “ARMY” + the members’ names ( V inversed for Taehyung, RM for Namjoon, Y for Yoongi and J for Jin J-hope Jimin), this is so beautiful I’m not okay #BTSisBack,” a fan tweeted.