‘Jurassic World’ Actor Justice Smith Denies Confirmation of His Relationship With ‘Queen Sugar’ Star, Nicholas Ashe, Was A “Coming Out” Moment

As celebrities are joining in the discussions and protests about racism and police brutality in their support of the Black Lives Matter movement, Black and brown members of the LGBTQ community are calling for more inclusion as they stand in solidarity. Legendary Broadway and television actor Billy Porter shared his thoughts, as well as actor Justice Smith. While Smith is fighting for both causes, he also confirmed that he’s dating Queen Sugar star, Nicholas Ashe. Though Smith is happy for the support he received, he’s insisting to his followers that he never hid his sexuality.

Justice Smith and Nicholas Ashe
Justice Smith and Nicholas Ashe via Twitter

Justice Smith confirms he’s dating Nicholas Ashe in a social media post but says he’s always been out

Smith shared a lengthy post to his official Instagram account in a dual stance of solidarity of  Pride Month and the Black Lives Matter movement. He shared that he and Ashe attended a New Orleans protest against police brutality.

“@nckash and I protested today in New Orleans. We chanted ‘Black Trans Lives Matter’ ‘Black Queer Lives Matter’ ‘All Black Lives Matter,’” the post read in part. “As a black queer man myself, I was disappointed to see certain people eager to say Black Lives Matter, but hold their tongue when Trans/Queer was added.”

Source: Instagram

He then gave Ashe a shoutout for being by his side throughout the difficult time and confirmed their relationship.

“You’ve been my rock and guiding light through all of this and I love you so much. I know that on the other side of this Is change, though the fight is far from over,” he wrote of Ashe.

Rumors of the two being in a relationship have been floating around for some time after they were seen together during the awards season. Ashe shared a photo during 2019 Pride Month of him posing in front of a floral Pride flag while promoting a play he starred in. The play, Choir Boy, explores the intersectionality of sexuality and faith, particularly among Black men in church choirs and the battle between what the church historically teaches about queerness. The production won a handful of awards, including Tony’s.

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Questions about Ashe’s sexuality began following the post, but did not speak much about it. While Ashe has kept his social media focused on his work, Smith has incorporated more of his personal life into his social media presence. His recent post confirming his relationship with Ashe features photos of the two’s more intimate moments, including one of them sharing a kiss.

While fans and celebrities poured in their support under Smith’s post, he insists he was never hiding his sexuality.

“Yo tf i didn’t come out, y’all came in,” he tweeted.

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Both Nicolas Ashe and Justice Smith have successful acting credits under their belts

Not only are fans happy and supportive of Ashe and Smith’s relationship, but they are impressed that both young men have sustained individual success as actors. Many are referring to them as Hollywood’s newest power couple.

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Ashe is most known for his work on OWN’s popular family drama, Queen Sugar, since the show’s start. He plays Michah West, son of a disgraced retired NBA star and his divorced mother who moves with his mom back to her hometown of Louisianna following his dad’s cheating scandal. Micah’s growing pains involve him leaving behind a life of privilege and becoming more connected to his Blackness in a town where racism is very much still present.

While Ashe has had a recurring role on a cable television series, Smith has been busy in film. Aside from Jurassic World, Smith has had roles in Paper Towns, Detective Pikachu, and All the Bright Places.