‘Jurassic World’ Star Bryce Dallas Howard Defends the High Heels Costume Choice

One moment from Jurassic World that fans are critical of is Bryce Dallas Howard wearing high heels. While there is nothing wrong with those shoes, Howard’s character has to do some athletic maneuvers while wearing heels. Howard doesn’t care about these criticisms and defends the decision of her character to wear this stylish footwear. 

Bryce Dallas Howard runs in heels in ‘Jurassic World’

Bryce Dallas Hoard attends a movie event for Jurassic World Dominion in Mexico
Bryce Dallas Howard | Jaime Nogales/Medios y Media/Getty Images

In Jurassic World, Howard plays Claire Dearing, an executive at Jurassic World who looks at dinosaurs in terms of marketing rather than fascinating creatures. Once she sees the error of her ways, she tries to help the dinosaurs and begins to empathize more with them. Claire’s relationship with Chris Pratt’s Owen Grady is also a centerpiece of this recent trilogy. 

Since Claire is a successful businessperson, she wears nice outfits that are complemented with a pair of high heels. In the climactic scene of Jurassic World, Claire runs in high heels while being chased by a T-Rex. It’s not an important aspect of the narrative, but many fans noticed it and mocked the ridiculousness of that scene.

Howard defends Claire’s decision to run in heels

In an interview with Variety, Howard has a conversation about the women in the Jurassic Park franchise alongside Laura Dern and DeWanda Wise. Howard joked about playing this character saying, “Stepping into the shoes of Claire was also a little challenging because they were heeled, but nobody noticed.”

Still, Howard says that this decision was a character choice and she defends it. The actor also says that she felt empowered every moment while working on Jurassic World with director Colin Trevorrow. 

“To DeWanda’s point, it has everything to do with what the experience is like while you’re making the movie and how either empowered or disempowered you feel,” Howard shares “I always felt empowered, every single minute of Jurassic, by Colin Trevorrow. And that experience, no comment or observation or analysis can ever take that away from me.”

Howard’s character has evolved as the movies have continued and she no longer runs from dinos in heels. However, Howard should be commended for her ability to sprint while wearing these shoes. 

Bryce Dallas Howard returns for ‘Jurassic World Dominion’

Jurassic World Dominion is the concluding chapter of the Jurassic franchise. Howard and Pratt are now teaming up with legacy cast members which include Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum in a world where dinosaurs have been unleashed. It will also conclude the three-movie arc for Claire and Trevorrow is satisfied with how it turned out. 

“One of the things I love about Claire is that she so desperately wants to do the right thing, and sometimes, the bad consequences of her good intentions can weigh on her,” Trevorrow tells Variety. “We wanted to explore that need for redemption, that sense of guilt, that sense of regret. That’s a very universal idea: As we get older, we start to have things that we wish we’d done differently.”

Jurassic World Dominion is now playing in theaters. 

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