Just How Much Does Joe Rogan Love His Dogs? Enough to Tear Up About Them

Joe Rogan loves many things, including whiskey, marijuana, DMT, politics, and of course, dogs. The podcaster and comedian has had many animals in his lifetime. In fact, he owns a chicken coop, a couple cats, and a beautiful retriever named Marshall. Prior to Marshall, Rogan had a couple other dogs as well — it’s clear the man is an animal lover. And while Rogan might be a pretty tough guy, he’s just like the rest of us when it comes to his canines — they easily melt his heart.

Joe Rogan’s dog loves chasing squirrels 

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According to Joe Rogan, his retriever Marshall is their chicken coop protector. It seems their household has something of a squirrel problem, and Marshall isn’t having it. In fact, he’s apparently a terror.

“We had some squirrels stealing eggs, we had a real issue with that. But Marshall took care of that. Marshall just f*cks up squirrels, dude. Marshall is the sweetest dog of all time, unless you’re a squirrel. Then he’s the devil. I mean I’ve never seen a dog so determined to kill a squirrel, it’s crazy,” explained Rogan.

But the occasional catch isn’t enough. Rogan says Marshall goes on the hunt. Rogan said, “He goes out now and he looks for them. He runs to the chicken coop and then he circles the chicken coop, looking, to see where these motherf*ckers get around there, see if anybody’s slipping.”

And Marshall does succeed from time-to-time. “My wife sent me a picture of Marshall with a squirrel in his mouth. She’s so happy. She doesn’t like squirrels cause the squirrels are f*cking up all the — they steal all the chicken food. I like squirrels, I think they’re cute,” joked Rogan.

Marshall loves giving gifts

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan | Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images

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Though Joe Rogan’s beautiful pup might be a stone-cold killer when it comes to squirrels, Rogan says he’s incredibly sweet and loves bringing gifts to him every morning.

“He brings things to you always, because he’s a retriever. He has a little box of stuffed toys that he has in the house, and he’s the only dog I’ve ever had that doesn’t mangle every toy I give him. … He just carries them around and brings them to you. So when I see him in the morning, I’m like, ‘Good morning sir! Good morning!’ And he’s wagging his tail and he’s happy, and the first thing he does is run over to his pile of toys, and grabs one, and comes over with it,” said Rogan.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, Rogan sits and plays with Marshall on camera. It’s easy to see how much the two love each other — Marshall immediately rolls over and goes belly up in Rogan’s lap after licking his face. 

Joe Rogan teared up talking about putting his dogs down

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan | Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images

It’s clear that Joe Rogan had a very strong bond with his previous dogs, as well as Marshall. When discussing putting his dog down with Kevin Smith on an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, the podcast host teared up.

Rogan told Smith, “So I had to take him to the vet, and the vet was like, there’s really nothing we can do with him. He was having seizures all night. All night, it was awful. And he was like, he’s gonna die you know, any hour now. You know, we’re gonna have to put him down. And he comes out in the hallway, and I held the dog. I placed him down, and I gave him a kiss, I said goodbye. And he put the needle in the dog and put the dog to sleep, and we went outside. And he was just crying, he was weeping.”

When Rogan finished telling the tale, he was a little red and teary-eyed himself, and he took a second to wipe at the corner of his eye. 

During a separate podcast episode, Rogan admitted that he does worry about Marshall getting older. He explained, “I think about that with Marshall because he’s only a year and a half and he’s so full of life and he’s so fun. He’s so silly and playful and happy. I’m like, man, there’s gonna be a day where Marshall’s this old, old, old dog, and I’m gonna have to put him down too. It was depressing.”