‘Justice League’ Synder Cut: Which Characters Will Be Added?

In late 2017, Warner Bros. released Justice League, which was supposed to be as successful as Marvel’s The Avengers. However, despite spending a lot of money on Justice League, the movie wasn’t as successful at the box office as Warner had hoped it would be. The failure of the movie had a lot of effects on the DC Extended Universe, with one of the biggest being Zack Snyder, who had directed parts of Justice League and two other DCEU movies, being forced out of his role and his vision for the franchise. After this Snyder’s fans started a hashtag called #ReleaseTheSnyderCut. Finally, after years of waiting, Warner is doing just that.

What the Snyder Cut actually is

Before Snyder started working on Justice League, he had directed Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice for the DCEU. While both movies did fine at the box office, they weren’t especially well-received by critics or audiences, especially when it comes to Batman v. Superman. This was the background for his working relationship with Warner at the time. 

A few months after he started working on Justice League, his daughter, Autumn, tragically took her own life. Snyder left the project to grieve with his family, and this made Warner hire Joss Whedon, who had directed The Avengers, for the job of finishing the movie. Whedon was supposed to finish the movie for Snyder, but in the end, Warner decided to allow Whedon to write and add more scenes to the movie than originally expected. 

This means that the Justice League movie as it was released in theaters is partially Snyder’s vision for the movie, but it was also Whedon’s and Warner’s. The Snyder Cut, as it’s called, would instead be the movie that Snyder originally intended to put in theaters.

The differences between the Snyder Cut and the finished movie

Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa, Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck, Ray Fisher and Henry Cavill attend the 'Justice League' photocall at The College
The cast of ‘Justice League’ | Karwai Tang/WireImage

While the Snyder Cut hasn’t been released yet, Snyder has talked about some of the differences between his cut of the movie and the finished movie. Additionally, eagle-eyed fans can watch the trailers and see scenes that were probably shot by Snyder that weren’t included in the finished movie. Furthermore, fans can also see which scenes were shot by Whedon instead of Snyder, since the characters look a bit different. 

For example, many of the jokes in the movie were probably written and shot by Whedon, since his style of humor is very different from Snyder’s. Another example is time travel, which will likely be a new element in The Snyder Cut. And of course, in Snyder’s cut of the movie, he also planned on adding or introducing several new characters into the DCEU.

The characters that will debut in the Snyder Cut


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As Screen Rant wrote, Darkseid, one of the biggest supervillains in the comics, is supposed to have a much bigger role in the Snyder Cut. Darkseid has already been introduced in Batman v. Superman, and there was a small reference to him in Justice League, but Snyder’s Cut will have more scenes with him and about him.

The Martian Manhunter, one of the more popular superheroes for comic book fans, will also be introduced in The Snyder Cut. That said, unlike Darkseid, Screen Rant wrote that the Martian Manhunter’s role will be smaller and it’ll be more or less a cameo. Like the Martian Manhunter, Screen Rant also said that there may be a small cameo with Green Lantern. That said, Green Lantern will likely not be played again by Ryan Reynolds.

There are three more minor characters that will probably show up in the Snyder Cut. The first is Iris West, who’s the Flash’s love interest. The other two are Ryan Choi (the alter ego for the Atom in the comics) and Elinore Stone, Cyborg’s mother. Both of those characters have scenes related to Cyborg’s backstory, according to Screen Rant.