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Sometimes, it’s your own spouse who can make you cringe with embarrassment. Though they are still well into the honeymoon phase of their relationship, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have made it clear that they have no qualms about keeping things light and fun in their marriage.

The musician and the supermodel recently celebrated their first year of marriage with a stunning ceremony at the Montage Palmetto Bluff in Bluffton, South Carolina. However, though they are blissfully in love — that hasn’t stopped the playful demeanor between the two.

Though the pair have no honeymoon plans in place just yet, that hasn’t stopped them from spending as much time as possible together. More often than not, they are cuddled up and loving on one another. However,-the “Don’t Check On Me” singer just proved that he has no issue making his wife blush on the internet.

Justin Bieber accused Hailey Baldwin of farting

Passing gas is a natural human bodily function. However, when you’re a newlywed, we’d assume that you want to keep things sexy and fresh. Being accused of farting is certainly a mood killer. It’s even worse when your mega-popular husband shares your alleged fart with his 121 million Instagram followers, but that’s exactly what just happened to Hailey Baldwin.

On Nov. 12 –Baldwin and Bieber were out for a drive somewhere in Los Angeles. The model was in the driver seat while her 25-year-old husband recorded her from the passenger seat. In a hilarious IG video, Bieber suddenly blurts out, “Babe, did you fart? You farted, didn’t you? You farted, didn’t you? You let out a big gassy one?”

Hailey Baldwin was so embarrassed by Bieber accusation

Though Bieber was clearly joking about Baldwin’s gassy fart — it was still enough to get the model to turn bright red. She immediately covered her face and begged Bieber to stop with his joking. “Stop! You’re not funny!” she exclaimed. “Pleaseeeeee. Stop!”

Luckily, this joke about farts didn’t stop the couple’s fun. Later that same day, they were spotted out and about at a lunch date looking comfy and casual.

Inside Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber’s marriage

Though they shocked the world in September 2018 by tying the knot after only a couple of months of dating, Baldwin and Bieber’s marriage is going stronger than ever. They celebrated one year of marriage with a formal ceremony that included family and friends on Sept. 30, 2019. An insider told US Weekly, “It made their marriage feel more ‘real’ and ‘official’ to them. They kept the wedding small because Justin didn’t want any ‘fake friends’ there.”

Also, the pair have been candid about expanding their family in the future. In a recent IG video — Bieber shared a photo of a father and son saying, “This is something I look forward to. Hailey, with your attitude and my savage behavior, we are in a world of trouble haha.” In a November 2019 interview with Vogue Arabia — Baldwin said, “I love kids, and I can’t wait to have my own. I would say now that’s a closer reality,” she said at the time, later clarifying that she wouldn’t be pregnant “any time soon.”

It looks like these two are in it for the long haul.