Justin Bieber Was Once Accused of Fathering a Child With a Fan

On June 20, a newly joined Twitter user wrote a lengthy post accusing Justin Bieber of sexual assault. The woman’s accusations soon prompted others to make similar allegations against the singer, sparking immediate outrage and causing his name to start trending on Twitter.

Though Bieber has since denied these accusations, this actually isn’t the first time he’s debunked claims from a fan about his alleged behavior.

Justin Bieber
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Justin Bieber was accused of fathering a 20-year-old’s infant son

A month after coming off of the final leg of his My World Tour, Bieber was hit with the unexpected allegation that he fathered a 20-year-old fan’s infant child.

The accusation surfaced in November 2011 when Mariah Yeater claimed that she and the singer had unprotected sex after one of his concerts in Los Angeles when she was 19-years-old.

Yeater detailed the encounter with The Insider, sharing that she and Bieber went to a backstage bathroom alone after he “immediately took a liking to [her].” The young mother said that he went from “cute and gushy” to “more aggressive” almost instantaneously. The two then allegedly engaged in unprotected sex, which Yeater says resulted in her becoming pregnant with the “Baby” crooner’s son.

Yeater was confident Bieber was the father of her child and even told The Insider that she could prove they had a sexual encounter. “I have provided evidence to my attorneys and it will show in court to prove that my allegations are true,” she told the outlet.

Shortly after the 20-year-old made her claims, Bieber, who was 17-years-old at the time, flat-out denied her allegations, telling the Today Show that he’d never met Yeater.

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“I know I’m going to be a target, but I’m never going to be a victim. It’s crazy, every night after the show I’ve gone right from the stage right to my car, so it’s crazy some people want to make up such false allegations,” he said. “But to set the record straight, none of it is true.”

Justin Bieber addressed the baby-daddy allegations in his song ‘Maria’

Around the time Yeater claimed that Bieber was the father of her infant son, she also demanded that he take a paternity test to “scientifically confirm” that the child was his so he could provide her with child support.

The singer ultimately agreed to take the test, but before he could go about doing so, sources revealed that the young woman quietly dropped her paternity lawsuit against the singer after his legal team threatened to countersue her.

Though the case was ultimately dropped, Bieber still submitted a DNA test to prove that he was not the father of Yeater’s infant son.

A few months later, the singer released his third studio album Believe and further denied Yeater’s paternity claims in the song, “Maria.”

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Cleverly losing the “h” from Yeater’s first name, Bieber did not mince words on the track, undeniably slamming the young mother with lyrics such as, “That ain’t my baby, that ain’t my girl” and “Why are you trying to lie girl when I ain’t never met you at all.”

Bieber even told Bethenny Frankel during an appearance on her daytime talk show, Bethenny, in June 2012 that the song shares his side of the story and sets the record straight once and for all that he was not the father of Yeater’s baby.

“I wanted to do something that was like…a little shocking,” he told Frankel. “It was something that I’d been feeling and wanted to tell people. Because at the end of the day, you know things happen and I don’t get to really talk about it. People twist my words. I’m really able to explain my side of the story.”