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Celebrities like Justin Bieber are among some of the most well-known people on earth, but there are times when they let fame go to their heads just a little. Some of them have had requests that are downright ridiculous — so much so, that it often makes headlines shortly after it happens.

Justin Bieber standing in front of a white background
Justin Bieber | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

According to Goliath, some of the outrageous things that have been in celebrities’ contracts include the time that Madonna wanted a brand-new toilet seat for herself at every venue that she performed at, and also when Mariah Carey requested that her dressing room be filled with puppies, kittens, and rabbits.

These crazy demands certainly have people laughing, and it sometimes seems that each one is more outlandish than the one before it. Now, we have learned that Justin Bieber’s rider once demanded a personal chef to name dishes after his songs.

Justin Bieber’s rider once demanded a personal chef to name dishes after his songs

We know that celebrities can get a little out of hand at times, but during a tour in India, Bieber took it to a new level entirely. According to Insider, he actually demanded a personal chef to name dishes after his songs. The details of the rider were leaked, and it says that Bieber was a little over the top with what he wanted.

Esquire reports that the singer is “surrounded by limitless privilege”, but even so, most people would have to agree that asking for a chef to name dishes after the songs that he is known for pretty much takes the cake as far as ridiculous demands go.

What were some other details and demands in the rider?

While it might seem that Bieber made the ultimate demand already, it turns out that it didn’t end there. The rider, which was leaked online, was pretty insane, and it showed just how brazen some of his requests really were! So, what did he require during his time in India?

It turns out that the tour rider stated that Bieber made sure that he was provided with rooms at not one, but two five-star hotels, 10 luxury sedans as well as two buses, and a dozen pristine white handkerchiefs. While that sounds like enough, the Biebs demanded even more. The rider went on to say that required a jacuzzi, a press release, and an India Yoga Casket.

Bieber made sure that his suite was decorated with plenty of purple carnations, and requested king-sized beds only. To add to the list, he said that he also needed a private jet to be on standby, and 10 shipping containers filled with things such as a massage table to be used backstage, a ping pong table, and comfortable sofas. Looks like it takes a lot to make Bieber happy, and he makes sure he has it all!

Justin Bieber’s tour in India

It was a few years ago that Bieber jetted all the way to India for a tour that Firstpost called “possibly the biggest live performance ever by an international artiste in India.” It happened in May 2017, and even several years later, fans are still talking.


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The singer did his best to keep his performance as interactive as possible, and his crew even went so far as to unfurled the Indian flag on stage. He made sure that each and every song sounded perfect, and when the humidity in India affected his guitar, Bieber apologized to fans, explained what happened, and started from the beginning to make sure everyone got the full effect of what he was singing.

Although it is said that the singer did a lot of lip-synching and didn’t dance much onstage, it didn’t stop thousands of fans from sharing countless pictures, videos, and messages on their social media pages.