Justin Timberlake Once Admitted He Was Terrible at This Children’s Game

It seems like Justin Timberlake can do it all. He can sing, he can dance, he can act. When he acts, he’s successful in comedy and drama. To find something that Timberlake can’t do, you’d have to look pretty far. However, Timberlake once admitted what his weakness is. 

Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake | David Cannon/Getty Images

Timberlake gave interviews for the 2008 comedy The Love Guru in which he played the villain, Jacques “Le Coq” Grande. Asked to name something he’s bad at, Timberlake listed a children’s game. 

Acting didn’t come easy to Justin Timberlake 

Timberlake’s first movie, Edison, was heavily criticized. Criticism was exacerbated by Timberlake’s crossover from music, a favorite target of critics. 

“There’s good material that becomes misinterpreted sometimes and I think I’ve been a product of that,” Timberlak said in 2008. “The first film I ever did was a product of that so you learn your lesson from that. But it’s not based on what people are going to perceive it as because that’ll drive you insane.”

Timberlake’s subsequent film, Alpha Dog, went over better, and he would eventually join such acclaimed films as The Social Network. Had things gone differently with his music career, Timberlake may have become an actor first. 

Justin Timberlake Social Network
Justin Timberlake | Duffy-Marie Arnoult/WireImage

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“I got a phone call when I was 14 saying there was somebody down in Orlando and there’s a record company and BMG in Europe that will sign this and I went,” Timberlake said. “Two weeks before that, the plan was we were going to drive to LA for pilot season. So I guess everything leads out the way it’s supposed to. That sounds so cliché but I guess that it does.”

The one thing Justin Timberlake is bad at 

When it comes to work, Timberlake invests completely in his work, whether it’s acting or singing. When it’s time to play, it’s okay if he’s not his best. 

“We were playing a game I was really, really terrible at,” Timberlake said. “Oh, Connect Four. I’m really not good at Connect Four. I think my vision is starting to go. You know how when you were a kid or sometimes as an adult, you can stare at a chain link fence and all of a sudden your eyes go [blurry]. That’s what happens to me when I play Connect Four.”

He can still learn new skills when movies require them 

Timberlake may still be a jack of all trades. When The Love Guru required him to play hockey, he acclimated to it fairly well. Timberlake is also an avid golfer.

Justin Timberlake Love Guru
Justin Timberlake David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

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“I’m an athlete at heart,” Timberlake said. “It’s definitely the most physically demanding but it’s the most requiring of coordination. To be able to skate on ice and have hand eye like that. I mean, it’s one thing to stand in the dirt and hit 90 mile per hour fastball. It’s another thing to skate on ice and try to catch a 150 mile per hour puck. With your vision blocked. There are so many elements of it. With somebody ramming up into you. It’s a crazy game.”