JYP Entertainment Respectfully Deflects Question About Jihyo and Kang Daniel’s Relationship

JYP Entertainment confirmed Jihyo and Kang Daniel’s relationship in August 2019. Jihyo is a member of the girl group TWICE. The group just released their eighth EP, Feel Special. During a comeback showcase, reporters asked Jihyo about her relationship.

Jihyo Kang Daniel
Jihyo of TWICE | Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

Reporters asked Jihyo about her relationship with Kang Daniel

During a comeback showcase with TWICE, reporters asked Jihyo about her relationship with Kang. JYP Entertainment then respectfully blocked the question.

“Jihyo was asked whether her relationship with Kang Daniel was a good inspiration for making the song. JYP blocked the question, saying, ‘As this is a comeback showcase for TWICE, we will pass the question about individual members’ personal lives,'” wrote a Twitter user.

After reports of the question broke online, fans expressed their disappointment at the media trying to invade Jihyo’s privacy.

“as they should. media mind your own business challenge,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

Jihyo and Kang Daniel were forced to go public with their relationship

Typically, K-pop idols keep their personal lives out of the public eye. However, South Korean news outlet Dispatch broke the news that Kang and Jihyo are dating. Idols dating can be a huge scandal in South Korea, and some fans expressed anger at Dispatch for exposing the couple.

Instead of it being a scandal, both JYP Entertainment and Kang’s label, KONNECT Entertainment, confirmed the relationship. The statement read, “They are currently meeting with interest in each other.” After the companies confirmed the relationship, fans celebrated on Twitter.

“Dispatch: …so Daniel and Jihyo are dating? do u guys hate life? ever feel betrayed? yall wanna punch some walls? stan twitter: oof heR CAR THO THAT’S TASTE,” wrote a fan on Twitter.

“Dispatch releasing a dating rumour about jihyo and kang Daniel expecting cross fire between the fans but seeing the fans turning it into a meme festival and full of support and celebration,” wrote another.

TWICE released a new EP

TWICE released a new EP titled Feel Special on September 23, 2019. Earlier in the month, JYP Entertainment released individual teaser trailers of the members leading up to the EP’s release. Feel Special features seven songs including a title track by the same name, “Rainbow,” “Get Loud,” and “Breakthrough.”

According to TWICE member Nayeon, Feel Special is an album to show how TWICE has grown up.

“… ‘Every album we want to show you how we grew up. This is the album we want to make with our fans. We want to be a TWICE that communicates with fans on stage for a long time,'” she said.

Kang Daniel ended his legal battle with LM Entertainment

Kang recently formed his own management agency KONNECT Entertainment after leaving LM Entertainment. In doing so, he started managing his own career as an independent artist. However, Kang ended up in a drawn-out legal battle with LM Entertainment. After six months, the legal dispute ended.

The Korea Entertainment Management Association announced “Kang and LM Entertainment ‘decided to prevent further issue and damages caused by a drawn out legal dispute.'”