K-Dramas: 5 Mind-Bending Shows About Time Traveling You Should Watch

Korean dramas have become extremely popular for their unique storylines. One concept that has popped up often in these shows is time traveling. Seeing characters transported to a different time period can be fascinating for viewers, so check out the following shows for a mind-bending experience.

Actors Yeo Jin-Goo and Jung Chae-Yeon in a scene from 'Reunited Worlds'
‘Reunited Worlds’ | via SBS

‘Reunited Worlds’

This 2017 drama combines time traveling with many other concepts, including romance and murder mystery.

It follows high schooler Sung Hae-Sung (Yeo Jin-Goo), who dies after a traffic accident. However, instead of actually dying, Hae-Sung is transported 12 years into the future, where his friends and siblings are all grown up. Here, Hae-Sung begins to learn about all the craziness surrounding his death, and he is determined to seek justice for himself and other innocent people involved.

‘The Best Hit’

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The Best Hit (also known as Hit the Top) is a 2017 comedy about what happens when a pop star from the 1990s travels to the 2010s.

In 1993, singer Yoo Hyun-Jae (Yoon Shi-Yoon) accidentally gets transported all the way to 2017. As he tries to figure out what became of him, he discovers that he had mysteriously disappeared in 1994. With the help of his new friends in 2017, Hyun-Jae learns about life in the 21st century while trying to find answers about his disappearance.

‘My Only Love Song’

My Only Love Song is a Netflix production that combines historical fiction with comedy and romance.

The show follows Song Soo-Jung (Gong Seung-Yeon), a successful actor who can also be very arrogant. While filming a historical drama, Soo-Jung accidentally travels back in time to the same era as her show—6th century A.D. Here, she learns about the real events that happened and even falls in love with a man who teaches her about generosity and kindness.

‘Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’

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Another great time-traveling historical drama is Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, which is well-known among K-drama fans for its riveting plot and star-studded cast.

The show follows a 21st-century woman named Go Ha-Jin (played by singer IU), who travels back to 941 A.D., in the time of Korea’s Goryeo Dynasty. Here, she inhabits the body of a noble lady named Hae Soo.

Hae Soo and her family are close to the royal family, so it does not take long before our protagonist finds herself involved in palace drama. She gets entangled in a love triangle with two princes and even witnesses death and destruction as people vie for the throne.

‘Tomorrow, With You’

The previous shows on this list involve people time traveling against their will. However, Tomorrow, With You is a unique one in that it features a character who time travels on purpose.

Yoo So-Joon (Lee Je-Hoon) is the CEO of a successful real estate company. He secretly uses the subway to travel through time, which leads him to discover that he would die in the near future. So-Joon also sees a mysterious connection with a woman named Song Ma-Rin (Shin Min-Ah) during his travel, and he decides to marry her in hopes of preventing his death.