Kacey Musgraves Called Herself an ‘Essential Worker’ & Some Fans Are Cringing

Over the past year, there have been plenty of celebrities who have been called out for putting their foot in their mouth. Kacey Musgraves seems to be the latest celebrity to get some backlash for what many are calling an insensitive comment. The “Rainbow” singer recently had some fun living out what she called a “lifelong dream”, but some of her fans were offended by the way she framed the experience on Twitter.

Kacey Musgraves donns an orange suit for the launch of her collaboration with Boy Smells
Kacey Musgraves | John Lamparski/Getty Images

On Friday, April 30, 2021, Musgraves partnered with a Nashville-snow cone company to hand out free snow cones to hundreds of people. Musgraves’ fans showed up in droves, decked in merch from The Golden Hour, to meet the country singer. After handing out the snowcones, Musgraves posed for pics in a blue tie-dye outfit which she later posted to Twitter and Instagram.

Kacey Musgraves handed out free snow cones to fans

“Thank you @bluemonkeyice Nashville for helping to fulfill my lifelong dream of working in a snowcone stand 😭🍧,” Musgraves captioned on of her photos on Instagram. “Tho I did low-key kinda slack, we gave out hundreds of FREE snowcones on this gorgeous Friday afternoon. Spread a little joy wherever you can 🤍”

Naturally, many fans were charmed by Musgraves’ snow cone experience. However, she did manage to rub quite a few people the wrong way when she posted some pictures to her Twitter page. “It’s called being an ~essential~ worker,” Musgraves captioned one of the tweets. While the tweet received nearly 2,000 likes, not all of the commentary was positive.

Some Twitter users aren’t impressed with the ‘Rainbow’ singer’s caption

“Not to be rude but I really hate when rich people play poor while essential workers have been literally dying from covid and unsafe working conditions this past year,” one person wrote in reaction to Musgraves’ Twitter post. “I mean they’re not wrong,” another person replied. “It’s tone-deaf when celebs ‘work’ for a day like this or at Starbucks. ‘Hehe! Look at me guys I’m working’ it just shows how removed they are from working-class ppl. Almost like our struggles are a cute cosplay moment for them.”

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Others felt that Musgraves was making light of the plight that actual essential workers have faced over the last 15 months. “Wish my friends who actually are forced to work being essential workers could have fun but they can’t,” one Twitter user penned. “Rich people don’t owe you sh*t stop defending them being disrespectful.”

Fans have polarizing opinions about Musgraves calling herself an essential worker

Some fans felt that the snow cone idea was a fun concept, but Musgraves ruined it with the caption. “The snow cone thing was really cute so it’s a shame about this absolute cringe caption,” one person penned. Meanwhile, some of the “Butterflies” singer’s fans urged her to delete the tweet and/or change the caption. “Literally anything but this caption girlie.”

Of course, not everyone was offended by Musgraves’ comment. Some felt it was all in good fun. “It’s just a joke lol,” one person declared. “I’m an essential worker and I found it hilarious.” While the country singer may well have been joking, clearly plenty of people didn’t find it funny at all. Only time will tell if Musgraves decides to change her caption as some people are suggesting.