Kacey Musgraves Is Often Compared to 1 of Her Biggest Inspirations

Many fans have been waiting for Kacey Musgraves to release a follow-up album to 2018’s Golden Hour. The country singer has kept fans excited through new music in 2020 such as her collaboration with Troye Sivan, when she featured on his song “Easy.” But Musgraves recently spoke about when her next album will be released and discussed which musicians inspire her when creating her own music. Read on to find out who inspires Musgraves.

Kacey Musgraves performing in Las Vegas
Kacey Musgraves at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds on Dec. 6, 2019 | Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

What was Kacey Musgraves’ last album she released?

Musgraves blessed her fans’ ears with Golden Hour in 2018, a disco-country-pop album that elevated her status as a musician. The album was such a hit that Musgraves joined Harry Styles on tour that year as his opener.

Furthermore, Musgraves was honored with a Grammy Award nomination for Golden Hour. She ended up winning for Album of the Year for her life-changing album.

But what’s next for Musgraves?

When will Kacey Musgraves’ next album come out?

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Musgraves revealed in an interview with Rolling Stone that her next album will come out in 2021. The artist has written 39 songs for the “three-part tragedy” following her split from Ruston Kelly and the coronavirus pandemic that affected the entire world.

“I’m someone who deals with anxiety by making sure I stay busy and moving,” Musgraves said. “And I haven’t had that luxury this year. So I’ve been forced to sit with my sadness, sit with my anxiety, sit with my anger, sit with all the things that you normally can outrun.”

Musgraves added that everything going on in her life personally and the world made her look into portraying a “tragedy” for her next album.

“This last chapter of my life and this whole last year and chapter for our country — at its most simple form, it’s a tragedy,” she said.

Beyond tragedy inspiring her work, what singers specifically inform Musgraves’ sound and songwriting?

Dolly Parton inspires Kacey Musgraves, the younger star shared

Musgraves discussed what artists have influenced her and her career in a video interview with Rolling Stone.

“I love Dolly [Parton] as a style icon, I love her as a businesswoman,” she started by referencing Parton. “First and foremost she’s a songwriter. But she wasn’t afraid to be a beautiful, sexy woman. Like, proud of her feminity. Proud of her body. She didn’t have to shrink her flamboyant nature to fit amongst the men that she worked with.”

“There will never be another Dolly, plain and simple,” she added. Musgraves sang Parton’s songs at opera houses and churches while she was growing up.

The Golden Hour singer also credited Selena Quintanilla-Pérez as an inspiration to her.

“I love that she took something extremely traditional — the mariachi music — and put her own spin on it and made it more modern,” Musgraves said about the singer, who passed away in 1995. “I really love when two aesthetics come together that are classic and modern. They kind of find their own life. I think if she was here, she’d be the biggest thing in the entire world. Her music is classic, they’re such bops.”

She also noted Sade and Cher as big influences on her music and career.

“She never tries too hard when she’s singing, it’s so effortless,” Musgraves said about Sade. “Sade just lets her melodies in her songs come out. It’s absolutely felt, but it’s not in your face and I can relate to that because I’m not an acrobatic singer.”

On Cher, Musgraves said she was “relevant without selling out her entire career.” She also discussed meeting Cher on her birthday in 2019 and how wonderful it was.