Kaley Cuoco Swears By This Foam Roller—’It Has Completely Changed My Life’

Kaley Cuoco is an actress who is known to many fans as Penny from The Big Bang Theory. Cuoco, who acted on the series all throughout its run on television, is also a producer, animal lover, and social media influencer, and loves sharing her favorite things with her fans.

Recently, Cuoco sat down with The Strategist to talk about a few of her top wellness products, things that have made a profound difference in her life. On the top of the list is a foam roller that is not only Cuoco-approved but relatively inexpensive as well. 

What is Kaley Cuoco best known for?

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Cuoco was born in California in 1985. From a very early age, she knew that she wanted to be an actor, and by the late ’90s, she had begun landing roles in various film and television projects.

Cuoco’s breakthrough role was in the popular sitcom 8 Simple Rules, on which she appeared from 2002 until 2005. After her stint on 8 Simple Rules, she acted in television shows including Charmed — but it was in 2007 that she really landed the part that made her a star. 

As Penny in The Big Bang Theory, Cuoco proved her comedic chops, demonstrating her unique ability to act in a large ensemble cast of talented performers. Ultimately, she appeared on the show until it went off the air in 2019.

After The Big Bang Theory ended, Cuoco got right to work on her next project, a limited series called The Flight Attendant. Cuoco also executive-produced the series, which ended up earning her major critical acclaim. 

What does Kaley Cuoco say about a ‘life-changing’ foam roller?

Kaley Cuoco smiling in front of a blue background
Kaley Cuoco | David Livingston/Getty Images

On her time away from film and television sets, Cuoco likes to spend time with her husband, Karl Cook, and their small army of pets. A busy working woman, Cuoco tries to find time for self-care when she can, and in a recent interview with The Strategist, she opened up about some of her favorite self-care products, including almond butter for mindful snacking and an eye cream that she swears by.

One of Cuoco’s favorite products that she shared is the Rollga foam roller. Cuoco raved about the roller, stating that “I started using this a couple years ago. It has completely changed my life. It has these big divots, so I can wiggle around on my side or back or legs and get the spots that are extra tender…I basically don’t go a day without using the Rollga. I really enjoy using it after I shower at night. I’ll watch TV and roll around on it for a bit.”

The actor admitted that it helps to release tension in a major way, making it a product that almost anyone could benefit from. 

Where can fans pick up the Rollga foam roller?

Fans who want to snag the Rollga foam roller can pick it up from several places. Amazon carries the roller, at the affordable price of just under $40. It also comes in multiple colors, from the light silver featured in The Strategist report to an eye-catching purple.

The one-pound silver roller can also be purchased from wellness stores like GNC, in exclusive shades like pearl and pink ribbon. No matter the color, it seems likely that the foam roller will help anyone who suffers from tight muscles enjoy some serious stress-relief benefits.

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