Kaley Cuoco’s Go-To Eye Cream Is a $32 Affordable Find

Kaley Cuoco is best known for her role as Penny, the gorgeous and gregarious next-door neighbor in The Big Bang Theory. The show is one of the most popular sitcoms in television history, and the role cemented Cuoco’s place in the entertainment industry.

In addition to The Big Bang Theory, she has done voice work in animated films, appeared in several movies, and guest-starred in TV series. The beautiful and funny actor also has quite a fan club, and her followers love to learn about her beauty regimen. Cuoco also stays active, follows a vegetarian diet, and swears by several everyday items she says she can’t live without. 

Kaley Cuoco’s early career

A sceren grab of actor Kaley Cuoco on Andy Cohen's 'Watch What Happens Live' in December 2020
Kaley Cuoco | Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Cuoco was born and raised in California, where she lived with her parents and a younger sister, Biography reports. Cuoco began working in entertainment at an early age. She never attended a traditional school because her work required a flexible homeschool schedule. 

She started her career with commercials and modeling jobs. Her most memorable commercials were for Barbie and Oscar Mayer. It didn’t take many commercials before she grabbed TV producers’ attention. 

Cuoco started working in television with guest roles in numerous series, including Northern Exposure, 7th Heaven, and My So-Called Life. Then, she made her way to the big screen in 1992 with a small part in the Donald Sutherland film Quicksand: No Escape. Her first starring TV role came as a teenager in the sitcom 8 Simple Rules, which debuted in 2002.

It was an instant hit with powerhouse leads John Ritter and Katey Sagal. Cuoco played one of their three children. The show ran for three seasons. But after Ritter died, the series just wasn’t the same without him. His passing deeply saddened the cast, especially Cuoco. Shortly after the series ended, she joined the cast of Charmed for its eighth season.

Penny, Penny, Penny!

In 2007, Cuoco got the biggest break of her career. She embarked on what would become her best-known role as the perky neighbor, Penny, on The Big Bang Theory. The show took the world by storm, crushing every other sitcom on primetime TV. 

The action follows a group of super-nerdy friends through their everyday lives as scientists. The four guys — Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard — are geniuses. Enter the struggling actor next door (Cuoco), who seems, at first glance, to be the stereotypically shallow, dumb blond. But Penny soon becomes a valuable member of the clan and falls in love with Leonard (after he pines after her for a long time). Her street smarts make up for her lack of a genius-level IQ, which is great, because the guys have a serious lack of street smarts.

The Big Bang Theory became an iconic part of American pop culture almost overnight. Fans adored Sheldon’s OCD habits and catchphrases — “That’s my spot” and “Penny, Penny, Penny!” (each between three sharp raps on her door). They loved Leonard’s constant looks of exasperation, Howard’s vintage wardrobe, and Raj’s crippling shyness around the ladies. The series brimmed with comic book references and actual science, and self-proclaimed geeks nationwide couldn’t get enough. 

Kaley Cuoco shared her favorite beauty products, and they’re actually affordable

Like all celebrities, Cuoco has her favorite items she cannot live without. But unlike most stars, her picks are affordable enough for everyday people. In fact, her preferred eye cream costs only $32.

In a recent interview with The Strategist, she revealed she likes to use Kiehl’s Mini Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado. It’s great for sensitive skin, and it’s unscented, so no weird chemical smell. Cuoco said she’s been using it for so long that she can’t remember how she heard about it.

“This remains my number one eye cream after trying every one under the sun because it works,” she said. “In the morning, when I have those saggy, swollen eyes, the cream really makes a difference. I don’t go anywhere without it.”

Among her other favorite products are a Rollga Foam Roller, Justin’s Honey Almond Butter, and Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream. 

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