Kamala Harris’ Nephew-in-Law Stole the Inauguration With His Dior Air Jordan 1s

Many tuned in Wednesday for the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States. With the coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions in place, many viewers paid attention to the smaller details much more closely than in previous years.

The inauguration was also a historic occasion as Kamala Harris, who is Black and South Asian, was confirmed as the first Vice President in United States history to be a person of color or a woman. Harris’ husband, Doug Emhoff, also made history as the first Second Gentleman.

A lot of people were interested in the Inauguration Day fashioned more than usual and Harris’ nephew-in-law, Nikolas Ajagu, arguably stole the show.

Nikolas Ajagu and daughters Amara and Leela
Nikolas Ajagu and daughters Amara and Leela | Alex Wong/Getty Images

Who is Nikolas “Nik” Ajagu

From the moment she was announced as the Vice President choice for Biden, Harris’ family dynamic and history became center stage. Harris, who is stepmother to Emhoff’s children from a previous relationship, has a younger sister, Maya, and a niece, Meena, who she often shares words of adoration toward on social media. At the inauguration, while many paid attention to the fashion choices of attendees, an unexpected family member gained lots of attention by viewers: her nephew Nikolas Ajagu, known as Nik.

Ajagu, who is the husband of Harris’s niece Meena, is the father of their two daughters Amara and Leela. According to his LinkedIn profile, Ajagu is the Global Head of Partnerships at Facebook and leads functions responsible for sourcing, structuring, establishing, and managing partnerships for Facebook’s Advertising Technology business. 

Ajagu’s shoe choice made waves around the world 

As the attendees descended down the steps to their seats at the inauguration, eyes gravitated toward Ajagu’s shoe choice ahe was wearing a pair of rare Air Jordan shoes, the Dior 1s, which are a part of Dior’s collaboration with Air Jordan.

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The shoes are valued at over $2,000. The collaboration is described on the official site (as reported by High Snobiety):

The limited-edition Air Jordan 1 High OG underscores the timeless appeal of the sneaker and the style of Maison Dior. Designed using the same principles as a luxury bag, Kim Jones’ goal was to make “the most luxurious Air Jordan 1 ever.”

With only 8,500 pairs of the shoes produced, viewers were shocked to notice Ajagu wearing them as he sat with his daughters at the inauguration. In response the attention received on social media.

Meena took to social media in shock at the attention her husband received, writing on Twitter, “I step away from Twitter for less than an hour for the inauguration ceremony and Nik’s shoes are #1 trending?????”

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Artist and designer Bobby Hundreds also tweeted Meena, asking if her husband was wearing the shoes, to which she responded. “Yes smh.”

Viewers caught another glimpse of the shoes as Ajagu walked in the Presidential parade following the inauguration. Fans online have jokingly adorned the Vice President’s nephew the “President of Drip.”