Kamala in the MCU: Could Her Character Pave the Way for Other NuHumans?

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe expanding in ways it never has before, a new slate of memorable characters will soon invade television sets and movie screens everywhere. One of the most heavily anticipated characters, Ms. Marvel, has fans especially abuzz with excitement.

With anticipation boiling over for her upcoming series, speculation has begun about how and where Ms. Marvel will fit within the ambitious movie universe in history. 

Who is Ms. Marvel?

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Ms. Marvel is a relatively recent addition to Marvel comics. As the company looked to diversify its slate of characters, Kamala Khan, the Pakistani-American girl who eventually becomes Ms. Marvel, was an immediate hit with fans.

A relatable geek with love for the same superheroes that real people do, Khan wishes to be a part of the action. However, after an accident, Khan got in on the superhero action. 

Growing up in a devout Muslim family, Khan had to put up with strict parents. After an argument involving a school dance, she snuck out of the house and found herself surrounded by a blue gas that activated Inhuman genes and gave her the ability to shapeshift. Like Spider-Man before her, the superpowers were a blessing and a curse. 

On the one hand, Khan had superpowers that any teen would dream of. Not only could she stretch her body and shift her shape, but she could grow bigger and smaller to utilize her strength, An expert on comic books, Khan uses her knowledge to become the best teenage superhero that she can be.

In the comics, Khan has an affinity for Captain Marvel. This could lay the groundwork for her introduction into the MCU and connect her to the Avengers. Fans on Reddit had a field day speculating on what this could entail. 

How will Ms. Marvel fit?

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Many fans on Reddit were excited about Khan, not just because of her extraordinary powers and charm as a believable character. In the comics, Khan is part of the ever-popular Inhumans. With the Ms. Marvel series a go, many see this as an opportunity to kick off the Inhumans and NuHumans storyline in a way that is both interesting and true to the rest of the MCU. 

Some see an already established MCU character named Flint, a refugee from a dystopian time that has not yet hit the comic’s present, as the perfect addition to the series.

Flint made his debut in Agents of SHIELD, but with the show going off the air, his transition into Ms. Marvel wouldn’t cause any problems. For Reddit user mb862, Flint is the logical choice for all of the themes that Ms. Marvel represents. 

“Before it was announced I had the idea that Flint would make a great character in a Ms Marvel series. Religion is a big part of Kamala’s life, but how do you depict that in media, especially American media that largely has such a twisted view of Islam, without feeling preachy? One solution is to have a character who can learn, and who better in need of learning the details of Earth’s religions than someone from an alternate dystopian future where those religions have died out? Flint’s also the right age and a fellow Inhuman that Kamala can relate to.”

From Inferno to Moon Girl, Naja, and Grid, the Inhumans and offshoot NuHumans could soon invade the MCU. Ms. Marvel might be the key to their involvement too. Until we know more, however, this is all speculations. 

When can we expect Ms. Marvel?

Ms. Marvel is still in the early ages of pre-production. While no casting news has been announced, according to The Wrap, Disney tasked Bad Boys For Life makers Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah with overseeing the series alongside Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and Meera Menon. As more information comes out, fans can know what to expect when it comes to Ms. Marvel and the Inhumans. 

Until then, the excitement of such a unique hero has fans clamoring for the series to premiere. That premier is likely a long way away, but as more news drops, more speculation is likely to come from fans worldwide.