Kanye West Has an Impressive Fleet of Vehicles at His Wyoming Ranch

Kanye West has been a controversial figure as of late. Controversy aside, his talent is undeniable, as is his famous marriage into the Kardashian family. That said, when West isn’t spending time with his family in Los Angeles, he’s probably either touring or at his Wyoming ranch. A lot is happening on West’s 4,000-acre ranch, but one weird thing that’s also happening is the fact that West has a lot of vehicles there. Here’s a look at Kanye West’s Wyoming ranch and the massive fleet of vehicles that roll around on it.

Kanye West smiling on stage
Kanye West | John Shearer/Getty Images for MTV.com

What’s happening on Kanye West’s Wyoming ranch

At the core of West’s ranch, which is actually called West Lake Ranch, is a dream. As GQ said, other than a makeshift studio that West built on the property, West Lake Ranch isn’t all that different than what it looked like when he bought the land. But, even when West isn’t in Wyoming, he’s always thinking and planning for the future of West Lake Ranch.

West has had a profound effect on many things. While he’s mostly impacted music and fashion, GQ said that he’s currently planning on changing the world as we know it. West told GQ that he wants West Lake Ranch to be a “Yeezy Campus” and that what West and his team does there will be “a paradigm shift for humanity.” Currently, it looks like West is using West Lake Ranch to experiment with futuristic buildings. 

The buildings that West and his architects are planning are domes and, as one of West’s architects told GQ, have “a big sustainability aspect.” Whether or not West’s plans for these buildings will change the world remains to be seen. But, in the meanwhile, West has 4,000-acres of land that he and his team needs to travel across, so naturally, he has a lot of vehicles.

The fleet of vehicles on Kanye West’s ranch

Like many Americans who may live or work on a ranch, West has a fleet of trucks on his Yeezy Campus. GQ said that West had an “army” of Ford F-150 Raptors, all of which were painted black. Each Raptor starts at about $53,000, so West spent a good amount of money on this fleet of Raptors.

But that’s not all. GQ said that West also had a handful of UTVs from an unknown manufacturer. When these UTVs aren’t enough, GQ said that West also has 10 SHERP ATVs. When these ATVs aren’t enough, GQ said that West also has a tank, a Ripsaw EV2 to be precise. Unsurprisingly, all of these vehicles were also painted black. 

A look at the SHERP ATV and the Ripsaw EV2

According to SHERP, its ATV is a Russian-made ATV that can conquer almost any obstacle in its way. It’s not very powerful, as it only has a 44-hp engine, but power and speed isn’t what it cares about. Due to its design, it can climb over objects that are over 2-feet tall. There’s a lot of rocky terrain that surrounds the Yeezy Campus, so this feature makes the SHERP ATVs invaluable. The SHERP ATV also has a lot of options but each one starts at about $120,000. 

The craziest vehicle on West’s ranch, however, has to be his tank, the Ripsaw EV2. According to Ripsaw, the EV2 was actually designed for the U.S. military, but the U.S. military decided not to buy it.

Still, it was designed with war in mind, and as a result, it has some impressive features. Ripsaw says that it can have an engine that gets up to 1,500-hp all the meanwhile being extremely tough and agile. Like the SHERP ATV, the EV2 can also conquer almost any terrain. The EV2 starts at $550,000 but Ripsaw also offers many options for it.