Kardashian Fans Are Convinced the ‘Family Leak’ Is Just Kris Jenner

For a group who has made their identity around sharing personal information about their lives, the Kardashian-Jenner family sure does spend a lot of time concerned about how details of their lives are being leaked to the public.

While stars’ privacy is a serious concern and the Kardashian family has been subject to some media attention that crosses the line by going after their children, it’s hard to garner much sympathy for the adults in the group who bemoan their private details making their way to the headlines. 

It is especially hard to take the complaints seriously when it seems increasingly likely that the source of the “leaks” is actually a member of the family. Many fans are convinced that Kris Jenner is the one spilling the “secret” information to the media. 

Private information about the Kardashian-Jenners has gotten out for years

Kris Jenner on the red carpet
Kris Jenner | Amy Sussman/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank

An occasional theme on the family’s reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians is suspicion that there is a leak coming from someone close to them. Way back in 2014, Kim Kardashian accused her long-time friend Jonathan Cheban of sharing information with media sources.

“Let me see your phone, I wanna see who you were texting,” Kardashian said to him on the short-lived reality show Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons. 

Years later, the issue of leaks was still a common topic for the family. When Kim Kardashian fired her personal assistant Stephanie Shepherd, there was  speculation that a breach of privacy may have been at the center of the dispute. 

The Kardashian-Jenners have plenty to keep secret

The exposed information runs the gamut from the purely personal to the stuff of PR nightmares. In the past, pregnancies have been revealed before the parties wanted them to be, and Kanye West’s famous phone call with Taylor Swift somehow made its way to the public. Of course, Kim Kardashian herself was launched into her lucrative and successful public career with a leaked sex tape

It would be hard to say that the leaks have hurt the family. While some of the indiscretions may have tarnished the reputations of other stars, the Kardashian-Jenners seem almost immune to bad press. Some even think that members of the family — especially Kylie Jenner — intentionally seek out bad press in order to keep their names in the headlines. 

Could Kris Jenner be the source? 

Kris Jenner has been a suspect when it comes to the leaks for a long time. A 2016 book called Kardashian Dynasty by Ian Halperin went so far as to accuse Jenner of “deliberately leaking” Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with Ray J.

While it would be a very low blow for a mother to leak her own daughter’s sexual exploits like that, there are plenty of people who continue to give Jenner’s behavior the side-eye. 

In a Reddit thread on the topic, fans speculated just how much Jenner might be responsible for the leaks over the years. “It could be [K]ris bc realistically she doesn’t care about anyone except making money and being famous lmao,” one fan wrote. “Yep, this is her whole thrill in life, she loves it. She’s completely in her element,” another agreed. 

Another suspects Jenner but believes that she’s extra sneaky about it by using a go-between: “Always thought the leak would be a very private, behind the scenes person who no one knows or would recognize. I think Kris gives them information to leak and then they leak it.”

The old rumor about the sex tape resurfaced as well. “I definitely believe it’s Kris, it’s been said that she was the one who leaked Kim’s sex tape. If she can stoop that low then she has no problem doing it with her other children,” wrote one commenter. 

Whether Jenner is the source of the leaks or not, we can rest mostly assured that we’ll continue to get glimpses of the family’s life that they say they’d rather we don’t see.