Kardashian Fans Explain Why Kim Can’t Pull Off 1 of Princess Diana’s Go-To Outfits

Kim Kardashian is known for her glam, over-the-top fashions. Fans can’t get enough of her red carpet style (even if her husband thinks it’s too sexy). But that’s not the only look she’s known for. Kardashian has also made the athleisure look hot, rocking sweatshirt, bike shorts, and sneakers as she makes her way around town. 

Although there are tons of fans who love the look, not everyone agrees. Kardashian isn’t the first one to make bike shorts a trend, and not everyone thinks her take on it lives up to the original.

Princess Diana started the bike short trend 25 years ago 

Princess Diana in bike shorts
Princess Diana | Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

Princess Diana was another super celebrity who looked effortlessly elegant in evening gowns. Her fashion sense was legendary, and people were fascinated by every outfit she wore. She wasn’t afraid to try new looks, and it was a welcome breath of fresh air in the royal family. 

When she wasn’t attending black-tie affairs, Princess Diana was sometimes seen in a sweatshirt, bike shorts, and sneakers. Her athletic body made the outfit look effortless and amazing. All the way back in 1995 she owned the athleisure style that would dominate the fashion scene 25 years later. 

Kim Kardashian made them popular today

Kim Kardashian in black in front of a repeating background
Kim Kardashian | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

Fast forward a few decades, and Kardashian brought the look back, with a modern edge. Princess Diana wore them for practical reasons, and she was seen in them when she was coming from a workout. But Kardashian added them to her glam wardrobe for a look that was both casual and sexy. She was often seen pairing them with posh items such as thigh-high boots and leather jackets. 

Kardashian and her husband, Kanye West, have both incorporated bike shorts into the clothing designs they sell. The look found its way into West’s fashion line, Yeezy, multiple times. More recently, Kardashian featured a soft knit version of the bike shorts in her Skims collection. She clearly loves the look and she shows no sign of moving on from it any time soon. However, not everyone loves the look for her. 

Some fans don’t think she pulls it off

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In a recent conversation on Reddit, fans discussed the athleisure look that Kardashian has embraced. While many of the commenters loved it, saying that it looks comfortable, others weren’t so sure. The problem? Her amazing body. 

“I think Princess Diana was THE one to pull off bike shorts and she always looked so amazing. I loved her style,” said one fan. “Kim…her body is too crazy for bike shorts.”

Another person agreed, pointing out, “sometimes it’s too much but I think it’s more about the body shape that makes it all weird.”

People think this feature looks strange in bike shorts

People have often said that all the Kar/Jenner women have hourglass-shaped bodies that don’t look very natural. Kardashian has been forthright about the fact that she uses shapewear to give her those famous curves, but many people think she may have butt implants to thank for her generous behind. And while her look definitely works in sexy gowns, not everyone thinks it translates well in bike shorts. 

“Also like, the bike shorts don’t work on her because it just accentuates the bbl aspect of her butt,” said one commenter, using the abbreviation for a Brazilian butt lift.

For many fans, that was the problem. “Personally I just can’t with the bike shorts because of the striking contrast of her super skinny legs and huge butt. It just looks silly to me.”

Kardashian is definitely a style influencer, and criticism of her body comes with the territory. But like her fashion inspiration, Princess Diana, she seems to be able to shake it off and wear what she loves anyway.