Kate Chastain’s ‘Bravo’s Chat Room’ Tweet: Salty or Sincere About Finale?

Was Kate Chastain being a little salty or merely posting support for the Bravo’s Chat Room season finale?

She tweeted, “Congrats on the finale to the lovely #BravosChatRoom gals” and the comment produced more questions about how she really feels about the series. Chastain is an executive producer of the series and a co-host until she abruptly left. Fans speculated over the reasons why she left, especially since neither she nor Bravo made a statement about her departure.

Andy Cohen, Kate Chastain on WWHL
Andy Cohen, Kate Chastain on WWHL | Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Kate Chastain used ‘Muppet’ videos to reply to questions

Chastain included a Bravo’s Chat Room clip along with her comment. She’s featured in the clip but she’s only watching as her former co-hosts flub their lines. A fan asked Chastain why she hasn’t been straightforward about her exit.

“For as direct and bad a** you are it baffles me why you won’t answer the question everyone wants to know,” the fan asked on the thread. “You have never taken sh*t from anyone I just don’t understand.” Chastain’s response was to reply with a video of Kermit the Frog dancing. She followed that up with a clip of Miss Piggy.

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“Makes sense to me,” a fan replied. “Not burning any bridges and probably signed an agreement stating she won’t talk about it.” Another person added, “If these are clues about what the people look like that are keeping you silenced I get it now.”

Why did Kate Chastain leave ‘Bravo’s Chat Room’?

Bravo’s Chat Room co-host Hannah Berner from Summer House believed that Chastain was busy with other projects. “She actually created the show and she got the show off the ground,” Berner told StyleCaster. “I know she has a lot of other projects going on. I just wish her the best.” Adding, “I don’t know exactly what’s going on. But she’s teased it. I just know she’s onto bigger and better things.”

Chastain agreed that she has projects in the works. But said she didn’t exactly gel with her co-hosts when she opened up about her experience on the What Else Is Going On? With Taria S. Faison podcast. During her chat, she referenced The Muppets and Sesame Street as to why she left the series.

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“After I did 20 episodes the show found its vibe,” Chastain said. “And I think that I always felt like how on Sesame Street, ‘One of these things is not like the other’? I felt like that was me.” Chastain added that she wasn’t going to change on the show and felt like it was the perfect time to bow out.

Chastain continued to appear on Bravo after she left Bravo’s Chat Room. She participated in Below Deck Galley Talk, which fans seemed to love. But she’s remained lowkey about her next move after moving back to Florida.