Kate Middleton Acted in a ‘Very Similar’ Way to Princess Diana During the Caribbean Tour, Body Language Expert Says

Kate Middleton recently completed her tour of the Caribbean with Prince William. Several body language experts have since analyzed photos and videos of Kate, and one even pointed out how similar the duchess was to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.

Kate Middleton smiling while wearing a magenta outfit, Princess Diana smiling while wearing a blue outfit
(L) Kate Middleton | Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage, (R) Princess Diana | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Kate Middleton and Princess Diana both took a while to get used to their royal roles

Neither Kate nor Diana was born into the royal family, and it took both women some time before they got used to their royal roles.

In Andrew Morton’s famous book Diana: Her True Story – In Her Own Words, the late princess shared that she was scared by the amount of attention she got. Diana recalled, “I was just so frightened of the attention I was getting; It took me six years to get comfortable in this skin and now I’m ready to go forward.”

Kate, meanwhile, is a “natural introvert” and “still finds it quite challenging” to talk to world leaders, according to a source who spoke to Hello!. Another insider also claimed that Kate “would never have sought a public role if it hadn’t been for the man that she married.”

Kate Middleton acted in a ‘very similar’ way to Princess Diana in the Caribbean

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Although Kate and Diana had some difficulties with being in the public eye, they eventually learned ways to cope with it. For example, Diana is known for her natural ability to connect with people, and Kate acted in a “very similar” way to Diana during her recent trip to the Caribbean.

“When she speaks to people she nails down at their eye level to build rapport and has no problems getting close hugging people,” body language expert Darren Stanton told Express of Kate.

Stanton added, “Her enjoyment and happiness are all genuine signs and emotion so it’s clear the couple have been having lots of fun going out interacting with members of the public and other civil dignitaries.”

Kate Middleton reportedly showed more confidence than Prince William

In contrast to Kate, Stanton believed that William showed more signs of “anxiety” and “not feeling very confident” in the Caribbean.

Body language expert Judi James also noted (via Daily Mail), “While Williams body language rituals have suggested inner anxieties with all the pressures to do well, with his regular clothing checks and touches or his barrier-driven ‘fig leaf’ pose with his hands clasped defensively in front of his lower torso, Kate has been using some subtle steering gestures or using her own laughter and happy smiles to induce the same in him.”

“Kate now carries herself with utter personal confidence though, walking with both arms down at her sides and only adopting her own fig leaf barrier to pay respect to her hosts by lowering her own status a little,” James added. “We are seeing Kate show her leadership skills now and that pitch-perfect smile can also be replaced by an expression of assertive firmness.”

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