Kate Middleton’s Best Lockdown Outfits Have Sold Out Within Minutes

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge might be staying home like the rest of us, but she’s still showing up to royal engagements as well-put-together as ever. Prince William and Kate have been doing virtual engagements ever since the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world, but even when she’s only behind a camera, her royal looks are still flying off the shelves.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton | Samir Hussein/WireImage

‘The Kate effect’ is totally real

When Kate and William wed back in 2011, she started a fashion revolution. Any time the duchess would make a royal appearance, the outfit she was wearing (along with similar, less expensive options) would fly off the shelves. It became known as “the Kate effect,” and for the past decade, it’s been a totally real royal phenomenon.

The media pay such close attention to Kate’s outfits; if she re-wears something in 2019 that she originally wore in 2012, it’s remembered — and becomes a piece of news. She’s earned the reputation of being an outfit repeater in the best way.

Kate’s lockdown outfits have sold out quickly

Despite that in-person royal engagements have been barred due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Kate and William are still doing their best to take part in charitable work while at home. The future king and queen have been putting Zoom to work and having video chats with people of various charities sand organizations. And despite being on Zoom calls, Kate’s outfits are still helping to keep the fashion industry afloat.

Daily Mail reported that the duchess wore a mustard yellow Zara top on a Zoom call that subsequently sold out in minutes. The duchess also wore a Raey silk dress to a Zoom call, which then completely sold out as well.

Kate Middleton's Zara outfit sold out within minutes.
Kate Middleton’s Zara outfit sold out within minutes. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

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Her outfits inspire massive Internet searches

Whenever Kate wears an outfit, not only does that specific item sell out, but similar items often do, too. The duchess’ outfits cause Internet searches to increase drastically. When Kate wore a polka dot dress for International Nurses Day on May 12, Daily Mail reported that the search term “polka dot dress” increased by 66%. This isn’t unusual, either; Kate is one of the most influential women in the world and has been deemed the United Kingdom’s most influential style icon, according to a survey done by Rakuten. But the duchess of Sussex isn’t far behind.

Kate Middleton polka dot dress
Kate Middleton wore this same polka dot dress on a Zoom call in 2020. | Karwai Tang/WireImage

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Meghan Markle and Princess Charlotte have had the same effect

Kate isn’t the only royal to have a hand in the fashion world. Meghan Markle, along with Kate’s daughter, Princess Charlotte, have also made their marks as style icons. Daily Mail reported that Meghan’s outfits have prompted a 35% increase in search terms relating to what she wears. Though it’s less than Kate, it could be attributed to fewer royal engagements. Meghan was often regarded as a style icon as well during her time in the royal family.

Kate’s daughter, Princess Charlotte, has also had an impact on the industry. Charlotte’s outfits often sell out shortly after she’s seen wearing something, and it’s been dubbed “the Charlotte effect” in response.