The Real Reason Kate Middleton Was Bullied As A Teenager

Duchess Kate Middleton is poised and elegant. From the moment she entered the public eye, she has been beloved by everyone. Kind and warm-hearted, the duchess has taken on the spotlight and her various royal initiatives with gusto, always putting her best foot forward while protecting her children and their right to a normal childhood fearlessly. However, despite Middleton’s posh upbringing and her current status as one of the top members of the British Royal family, she’s had to deal with a hardship that many of us have had to confront in our lives — bullying.

Though the Duchess of the Cambridge met Prince William when they were at the University of St Andrews — her early years in high school were full of torment and anguish. This is why Middleton was bulled so badly as a teenager.

The real reason Kate Middleton was bullied as a teenager

When the duchess was 14, her parents, Caroline and Michael Middleton enrolled her in Downe House School. Located in a village near Newbury, Berkshire, the all-girls boarding school is for girls aged 11 to 18, and it is coined as an “Archetypal traditional girls’ full boarding school turning out delightful, principled, courteous and able girls who go on to make a significant contribution to the world.” Unfortunately, the duchess’ experience at Downe House would be neither courteous nor delightful.

From the moment she stepped foot on the Downe House School grounds, Middleton found herself in the crosshairs of the school’s bullies. The duchess’ former Downe House classmate Jessica Hay explained, “She was picked on because she was perfect, well turned-out and lovely.” Apparently, some of the other girls could not deal with the duchess’ sunny disposition so they decided to tear her down the best way they could. Unfortunately, it worked.

Kate Middleton had to transfer schools because of the bullying

The duchess only finished one term at Downe House before she was enrolled in a new school –Marlborough College, a co-ed boarding school in Wiltshire, England. It is the most expensive of Britain’s independent schools.  By the time she left Downe, Middleton was an “emotional wreck.” The stress of it all was so severe on the young teen developed a terrible eczema outbreak, and she was quite thin and pale from not eating.”

Luckily, Marlborough was a much more positive experience for Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis’ mom. Her former tutor, Joan Gall, told the Daily Mail, “When she arrived she was very quiet. Coming into a big school like Marlborough was difficult, but she settled in quickly. It was like a big, happy family. We would do things like bake cakes and watch videos.” To this day, Middleton has fond memories of her Alma mater –so much so that she and Prince William are considering the boarding school when it comes time to send their kiddos to high school.

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