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Kate Middleton has always managed to keep her weight at a healthy level. She appears to have boundless energy to undertake royal engagements and remain an engaged and involved parent of her three children with her husband, Prince William: Princes George and Louis, and Princess Charlotte. Royal watchers have long wondered about Middleton’s diet and exercise program and how that helps maintain her figure. Along with a healthy diet, the Duchess of Cambridge reportedly indulges in fun activities that fit into her lifestyle.

Kate Middleton reportedly enjoys these morning meals to keep her weight down and energy level up.
Kate Middleton | Simon Bruty/Any chance/Getty Images

Kate Middleton has always maintained an active lifestyle

Middleton has always led an active lifestyle, hence her public nickname of the sportiest royal.

Town & Country reported the Duchess of Cambridge excels at several sports.

These include tennis, land yachting, sailing, soccer, tennis, skiing, volleyball, and field hockey.

She played field hockey and tennis as a student at St. Andrews School and will always jump in to participate in various sports when on royal tours with her husband, Prince William.

This rigorous schedule requires Middleton to take care of herself from the inside out. She does that by beginning her day with healthy morning meals.

These morning meals keep Kate Middleton’s energy up and her weight down

According to The Daily Mail, Middleton dedicates herself to eating healthily.

The news source claims that Middleton drinks smoothies in the morning and the afternoon.

Her go-to drink includes spirulina, kale, matcha, spinach, romaine, cilantro, and blueberries.

Middleton’s dedication to eating healthy is reportedly tested when she craves something sweet.

However, instead of reaching for cookies or other sweets, Middleton reportedly makes a quick drink of berries and almond milk for satisfying her cravings.

Middleton reaches for healthier fare such as popcorn when searching for something crunchy, said the publication.

However, when a sweet craving strikes, Middleton will give in

Sticky toffee pudding. High Street Fish and Chips in North York.
Sticky toffee pudding | Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

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Nonetheless, there are times when even with her best intentions, the Duchess of Cambridge must have a sweet treat more on the indulgent side.

As reported by People Magazine, Middleton’s dessert of choice is sticky toffee pudding.

The Duchess is partial to the sticky toffee pudding whipped up at the Old Boot Inn in Stanford Dingley, a village in Berkshire, England.

“Kate is always discreet and has always complimented the dishes with great kindness,” said the former chef of the Old Boot, Rody Warot.

“Her favorite [dishes] are the pate on toasted brioche or the roast figs on parma ham with spicy apple chutney, followed by the tiger prawn and wild mushroom linguine,” he said.

However, Middleton will indulge in one particular treat.

“And for the [dessert], her favorite is sticky toffee pudding. It’s moist and spongy,” Warot said of Middleton’s favorite meal finisher.