Kate Middleton Has a Subtle Way She Shows Major News is Coming

There is no doubting the fact that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is one of the biggest style icons of our time. She has brought her own classy twist to the royal style that she wears, and somehow, no matter what the occasion, Kate Middleton manages to get it right each and every time. From her iconic wedding gown to her more casual outfits that we have seen when the duchess is off-duty, millions of people are constantly scrambling to copy her looks. Even Kate’s makeup makes headlines, and fans are well aware of the fact that the future queen has a lipstick that is named just for her. Most times, all eyes are on Kate when she is making an appearance, and when she does, the things that she wears tend to sell out in a matter of minutes.

One of the things that royal fans love best is when we get a glimpse into the lives of family members. We love to know what is going on with the royals at all times, and when it is rumored that there is an upcoming announcement, fans are on the edge of their seats just waiting for an update. Let’s talk about how Kate Middleton has a subtle way in which she shows that major news is coming. 

Kate Middleton laughing, turned to the side
Kate Middleton | Aaron Chown/Getty Images

Kate’s style before she became a royal family member

The Duchess of Cambridge has always had an eye for style, even before she officially became a royal. In fact, it was for this reason that Prince William, who she had been friends with for quite some time, began noticing her in a new light. When Kate walked in a charity fashion show during her college years wearing a very stylish dress, she caught the eye of the prince, who suddenly realized he wanted to take their relationship to the next level. So, what was her style like way back then? While she may not have stepped out in designer labels on a regular basis as she does now, Harper’s Bazaar reports how she always looked perfectly put together. She was seen in pieces such as tailored jackets, sundresses, jeans, and of course, her beloved cowboy boots.

Some of Kate’s choices have special meaning

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When it comes to dressing for royal events, Kate doesn’t always pull just anything out of her closet. Often times, she quietly manages to pay tribute to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, and it certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. According to Hello!, it has actually happened more than most people know. When Kate and William appeared on the front steps of the hospital shortly after Prince George was born, the new mom was wearing a dress similar to the one Diana wore after the birth of William. It is a known fact that Kate wears Diana’s famous sapphire engagement ring, and that is not all. Kate often wears other jewelry that belonged to Diana, and she has even been seen in a hat or two that are similar to one’s that the late princess sported years earlier.

Kate Middleton has a subtle way she shows major news is coming

It is important not to forget that Kate doesn’t only send hidden messages and special meaning with her clothing and jewelry choices! Fans have noticed how she has a way that indicates big news may be imminent, and now, everyone gets pretty excited when it happens. What does Kate do?

Well, according to Glamour, millions of people have theorized that the duchess tends to cut her hair shortly before announcing each of her pregnancies, and it actually holds true. She did it with each of her children so far. This doesn’t necessarily mean that every time Kate gets a haircut it means that major news is coming, but now that she has come out of quarantine with a new look, it has left many people wondering.