Kate Middleton Hated Wearing This Gorgeous Outfit

Kate Middleton has truly found her stride in the British Royal Family. The future Queen consort has been able to balance motherhood and her passions while upholding the traditions of royal life. Though Middleton has been married to Prince William since 2011, the duchess has really elevated herself in the past several years as the royal family prepares for a new era.

Some of the major differences that royal fans have noticed in recent years have been Middleton’s confidence and style. Though the Duchess of Cambridge used to have a much more traditional style in the past, she’s gotten edgier and more chic. However, Middleton did hate one outfit that she wore to a recent royal event.

Kate Middleton’s style has changed drastically

Middleton has been known to be much more traditional than her sister-in-law, Duchess Meghan Markle. “She knows the importance of the institution and her role to play,” an insider told People. “She knows that being a member of the royal family is a bit like having a contract, you sign on the dotted line and you deliver Kate is in her element right now, she’s really stuck at it and persevered with what she believes in.”

However, Middleton’s style has been much edgier lately. Instead of the casual style that the duchess leaned into earlier on in her marriage, she’s been wearing things like polka-dots and a lot more fashion-forward dresses. It’s clear that she’s prepping for her role as queen.

Her new style and confidence has also allowed her to get closer to the public, and she no longer finds public speaking overwhelming.

Kate Middleton doesn’t have a stylist

Middleton’s style may have changed, but it wasn’t a stylist’s idea. The duchess decided to change her style all on her own. However, there is another royal that she looks to for inspiration.

Middleton discusses all things fashion with Sophie, the Countess of Wessex — Prince Edward’s wife. Since the countess doesn’t have the same constraints that Middleton has, she often picks out clothing for the duchess when she sees items that fit the future Queen consort style. We’re also going to take a wild guess and say that Markle also inspired Middleton’s new style.

Kate Middleton hated her Christmas outfit

Despite her newfound style, like many of us, the duchess has a fashion misstep every now and again. In fact, she hated the coat she wore on Christmas Day 2019. The duchess wore a stunning gray Catherine Walker coat during the royals’ annual Christmas walk from church to the queen’s Sandringham estate. Apparently, the gorgeous coat was just way too warm.

Though it was certainly chilly during the walk, it wasn’t brutally cold. With Middleton, all buttoned up and unable to take off the coat (a royal rule) — the duchess got super sweaty. A royal fan explained, “Kate was talking to my daughter about clothes and how she was feeling too hot. She said, ‘I really shouldn’t have worn this.’”

Hopefully, we’ll see the duchess in the coat again when the temperature is truly wintery and frigid.