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Some royal watchers noticed Kate Middleton’s icy look at Meghan Markle when the two reunited for a walkabout at Windsor Castle with their husbands. A body language expert dives into the tense Kate and Meghan moment.

Kate Middleton stared in Meghan Markle's direction while Prince William waved and Meghan and Prince Harry looked to the side
Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle | Kirsty O’Connor – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Body language expert claims Meghan Markle looked ‘ill at ease’

On Sept. 10, Prince William, Kate, Prince Harry, and Meghan came together to meet with mourners and look at tributes left for the queen at Windsor Castle. Fans were thrilled to see the “Fab Four” reunite again. The couples didn’t interact with one another much but many thought the appearance showed a glimmer of hope for mending their fractured relationship.

Body language expert Katia Loisel shared her analysis of one moment when Kate “appeared to look through” Meghan — she gave an icy stare in Meghan’s direction, then broke into a smile and waved to the crowd.

“Quite unlike the confident Meghan we know, Meghan appeared ill at ease during this encounter, which is not surprising given the recent criticism that she has faced,” Loisel told 7News Australia.

While Prince William seemed to “include and connect with” Harry and Meghan, Kate seemed “reluctant to interact.” Most notably, Kate didn’t make eye contact with Meghan during the appearance.

“On numerous occasions Meghan looked over at Kate, however, the gaze wasn’t reciprocated,” Loisel explained. “Rather, Kate appeared to look through her, suggesting underlying tension between the pair.”

Body language expert explains moment Kate Middleton gave Meghan Markle an icy glare

Loisel broke down Meghan’s body language after Kate’s “icy stare” in her direction.

“Meghan appeared clearly taken aback and uncertain, stepping sideways, orientating her body away from Kate, shifting her weight from foot, her head slightly stooped,” the expert noted.

Loisel added, “Her gestures uncertain and hesitant with the use of manipulators or self-adaptors further suggesting discomfort and uncertainty.”

Meghan paused before joining the others to wave. “Meghan’s hand lifted hesitantly as if to wave, but stopped mid-air, rather pausing to adjust her hair, her head and gaze lowered, before looking up and giving a quick wave, her arm coming back to rest in front of her body in a partial arm barrier, which is what we see in this photo,” Loisel said.

The placement of Meghan’s arm indicated “uncertainty and unease,” according to the expert.

Prince Harry provided some reassurance to ease Meghan’s uncertainty. “Meghan’s nonverbal communication suggests that she may have felt out of place and didn’t quite know where to put herself, with Prince Harry gently standing behind her, touching her arms and leading her in a protective and reassuring show of support,” Loisel said.


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Meghan ‘looked like a sad and desperate puppy’ at appearance, expert says

In an analysis for Page Six, body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass shared how Meghan looked a bit dejected when Kate didn’t reciprocate eye contact with her.

“While William was a bit more cordial, he was still serious around [Meghan] and didn’t show his usual megawatt smile,” Glass noted. “Kate even refused to even look at Meghan or in her direction.”

The body language expert explained, “She was being genuine. It was not in her heart to smile at Meghan, so she didn’t do it.”

Glass added, “Meghan, on the other hand, looked like a sad and desperate puppy as she tried to catch Kate’s eye gaze repeatedly. But Kate was having none of it.”

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