Kate Middleton Revealed She’s Inspired By the Queen’s ‘Really Special’ Relationship With Prince Philip

Prince William is second in line for the throne, and his wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has been by his side for his entire adult life. Being a royal is not easy; it comes with a lot of pressure and a constant spotlight — and it can be quite the test for relationships. But Kate once revealed that Queen Elizabeth’s relationship with her husband, Prince Philip, is something she looks toward when it comes to her own marriage to William. 

Kate Middleton laughs with Prince Philip as Queen Elizabeth and Prince William look on
Kate Middleton laughs with Prince Philip as Queen Elizabeth and Prince William look on | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

William and Kate are being groomed to someday take the throne

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are arguably two of the world’s most famous people. William, who is second in line for the throne, has spent his entire life preparing for the role he’ll eventually take as King of the United Kingdom. And Kate, who married William in 2011, has been working toward the same role for nearly a decade — she’ll become queen consort when William takes the throne.

William and Kate hold plenty of royal engagements; they’ve dedicated their adult lives to serving the public, all while balancing the duties that come with caring for three children. The two are trying to give their kids as normal of lives as possible, since they know what it will be like once all three become working royals. Still, with everything on their plates, they’ve managed to completely win over the public.

The two have always had a strong marriage

William and Kate started dating back in 2002, and they’ve spent nearly 20 years together. Though they had their ups and downs while dating, including brief breakups in both 2004 and 2007, they’ve come out stronger than ever. The couple tied the knot in 2011 at Westminster Abbey, and they almost immediately became one of the most-loved couples around the globe.

William and Kate were at the center of a cheating scandal last year when news broke that William had allegedly had an affair with family friend Rose Hanbury, but there was never any truth connected to the rumors, and it’s unclear exactly how they started. William and Kate hardly responded to the accusations, and the public generally seemed to believe the rumors to be false.

Kate once said loves that the queen has so much support from Philip

Kate and William work hard to maintain such a close relationship. After all, the spotlight can easily get in the way of some couples’ happiness. But Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s long, happy relationship might have served as inspiration to William and Kate.

“All the time William and I are so struck by the Queen’s sense of duty and commitment,” Kate once said in an interview, according to Hello Magazine. “… To have the support of your husband there by your side on those occasions — and behind closed doors as well — I think is really special.” Kate and William have stood by each other’s side through thick and thin, and she compared their relationship to her mother- and father-in-law’s. “William and I have got quite a long way to go. But, no, it really, really is fantastic.”

William and Kate are certainly fan favorites in the royal family, and it’s in part because their relationship has remained so strong through the years. But it’s nice to see that they’re taking a page from their grandparents’ book.