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Kate Middleton recently made a statement about her youngest child, Prince Louis, that has some people wondering if it means she is not planning for another baby with Prince William.

Why do some people think the couple is set on a quartet of children? And what did the Duchess of Cambridge say that left some convinced there’s no reason to hold our collective breath waiting for baby number four? Read on to learn more.

Kate Middleton, pictured with Prince Louis in 2022, might not plan on having baby no. 4
Kate Middleton and Prince Louis | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Rumors of a fourth baby for Kate Middleton started when Prince Louis was born

Talk about a fourth baby for the Cambridges started as soon as they had their third child, Prince Louis, in 2018. He followed Princess Charlotte, born in 2015, and Prince George, born in 2013. And bookies began placing bets on the odds Prince Louis would not be the last child soon after he arrived, if not before.

Sources claimed baby number four was always part of the plan for Middleton. And royal insiders told Express that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge want to emulate the queen and have a four-child family in the end.

Kate Middleton called Prince Louis her baby, which could mean there’s no plan for a fourth

Middleton confessed she gets “broody” around babies and that her husband is less excited about the idea. “William always worries about me meeting under 1-year-olds,” she admitted (per PEOPLE). “I come home saying, ‘Let’s have another one.'”

But royal expert Richard Palmer told Pandora Forsyth that’s not a reason to believe Middleton, 40, will have another baby. Palmer said, “I know that in the last three or four months, there have been a couple of times where she’s talked about feeling broody again.”

“But I also know that I’ve heard her say on a number of occasions, ‘I think William would kill me if we had another one,'” Palmer added (per Express). “I’m going to be quite surprised if they do have another one. But who knows.”

Middleton made a comment that some think indicates her family is complete. “I keep thinking Louis is my baby, but he’s a proper boy now,” she said of her son (per PEOPLE). She might have been referring to him as the youngest so far. But some noted she could have meant she’s done having children.


Is It Impossible for Prince William and Kate Middleton to Give Their Kids a Normal Childhood?

Kate Middleton tries to give her kids normal lives

According to sources, Middleton is highly aware of the scrutiny her children face from the press and public. So, the “inseparable” couple does what they can to provide a sense of normalcy at home in their otherwise abnormal lives.

“Because of who they are, William and Kate have had to be highly organized parents,” a source told The Sun. “But as parents, Wills and Kate have developed this brilliant knack of letting as much as they can seem spontaneous and that’s how the children see it.”

“George might be a future king but for now he’s just another little boy,” they added. “They are always at great pains to make sure the three of them have as normal a childhood as possible.”